In the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese announced the government pressure on the clergy

Authorities recalled that none of the Local Orthodox Church in the world has not recognized the PCU, and the actions against UOC is illegal

The press service of the diocese posted on the website an official statement about what actions are taken against the Church by local law enforcement agencies.

Increasingly, law enforcement officials invite the clergy of the Ivano-Frankivsk eparchy of the UOC on “conversations”, said the diocesan website.

“While law enforcement officers without any explanation is required to provide for review of the founding documents of a religious community, documents of title to the Church building, land, etc.”, – said the press service personnel of the diocese.

The diocese noted that such actions “clearly contradict the current legislation of Ukraine.”

“The clergy are not required to provide any documents or personally be on the call to law enforcement if they are not properly informed about the purpose of the call, their procedural status and if it can’t benefit from legal aid,” commented the authors of the statement of the situation.

They also drew the attention of the powers that the DNC is not recognized by any Local Orthodox Church in the world, and giving Thomas the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew only deepened the conflict in Ukraine.

To stop the pressure on the Church demanded, and the faithful of the diocese of Chernivtsi. They went in procession through the streets of the city Zastavna Chernivtsi region to Zastavnitskogo district administration to meet with officials and to urge them to stop the lawlessness.

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