In the Kiev Lavra performed the funeral service of Archimandrite Benjamin

The body of father Benjamin was buried

The funeral of mercy of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Archimandrite Veniamin was headed by the Governor of the Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky and Chernobyl Paul.

The burial service of the deceased made June 23, after the divine Liturgy in Holy cross Church of the monastery, reports the website of the monastery.

The night before the body of the deceased father Benjamin was laid in Holy cross Church, and his grave brethren of the Lavra read the gospel.

After evening services the Dean of the monastery, Archimandrite Anthony with the brethren officiated a memorial service for the deceased brother.

For the funeral service, the vicar asked all the worshipers with a sermon. “Today we have gathered in this Holy Church in order to say goodbye to our brother Archimandrite Veniamin. Father long was ill, but never for a moment did he leave his chief work is prayer. He prayed for all of us, about our country, about the brethren, about those who asked for his blessings and Holy prayers,” said Bishop.

According to him, Archimandrite Benjamin was always ready to listen, to help in word and deed: “we All remember the father of Benjamin as a man kind, gentle, humble and meek. May the all-merciful Lord rest his soul in the dwellings of the righteous, and we once again offer our prayers for the dear father to us, that we at a set time as to become heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Archimandrite Veniamin (in the world – Butenko Vasiliy Mikhailovich) was born on 4 April 1938 in the village Pochapyntsi lisyanskogo district of Cherkasy region. Prior to joining the monastery he worked as an electrician. In 1992, he received Holy orders. April 7, 1995 was elevated to the rank of Igumen, and on March 27, 2005 — in a dignity of Archimandrite. Bore obedience of the older notebooks table of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Died on 22 June 2018 after a long illness.

At the end of the funeral the coffin with the body of the newly departed Archimandrite Benjamin, the brethren headed etnicznym of the monastery Archimandrite Andrei was brought to the Lavra monastery, where the brethren cemetery. There the body of her father Benjamin was interred.

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