In the living Museum of the Bible in the United States has assembled a Biblical exposition of wax figures

In the image of Jesus Christ one can easily see actor Tom cruise

Some wax figures representing Biblical characters, are American actors and global celebrities.

In the living Museum of the Bible (USA, Ohio) collected the exposition of Biblical wax figures that depict scenes from the Holy Scriptures, according to religionnews.

The collection contains more than 300 figures. In the image of Jesus Christ one can easily see actor Tom cruise a three-time winner of the Golden globe, John Travolta here plays the role of king Solomon.

The idea to create the Museum of Biblical scenes belongs to Richard gimondo, the priest of the Cathedral of Diamond Hill, and his late wife. The first exposition was opened in 1987. Now extensive exhibition United in the so-called “Biblical way” (BibleWalk), where visitors are offered tours of the different routes: “the old Testament miracles”, “Life of Jesus”, “the Origin of the reformation, Museum of Christian martyrs” and “the Way of the Apostle Paul.” The sixth route is the “Kingdom of God” – opens in the summer of 2019. The Museum also has a theatrical presentation, “Blessed meal”.

The use of figures of world famous celebrities have sharply increased the popularity of the Museum, but said its staff are not so important that it attracts people, “it is important that they come and discover the world of great spirituality in images of the living Bible.”

We will remind, in June 2018 Russia declared internationally wanted the 87 year-old collector and owner of a private American Museum of Russian icons Gordon Lenkton for the return of cultural property. The court insists that the United States did not return to Russia exposure in 2014, the cost of which is estimated at 26 million rubles (about 11 million). Among the exported icons “St. Nicholas”, “Matthew”, “the Image of the iconostasis”, “Resurrection of Christ”, “Nativity of Mary”, “Holy face” and others.

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