In the monastery of Georgia will establish a monument to the first Christian king Mariano

Monastery Samtavro

On the territory of Samtavro convent will be erected a monument to the Holy equal to the apostles Mariano the king and Queen Nan.

In Mtskheta, on the territory of the convent of St. Nina, plan to erect a monument to the first king of Georgia-the Christian, the Holy equal to the apostles king Mariano and his wife Queen Nana, reports Blagovest-info.

How will the monument will be known only after the completion of the contest.

In the administration of Mtskheta said that the monument needs to be done in the classic style to come in Samtavro, the pilgrims got the idea of the era of the spouses of the monarchs. Therefore, a prerequisite in the development of the art project is the historical context. The authorities also wished that in sculpture, as a part, attended by a cross, which St. Nina the enlightener of Georgia healed Queen Nana.

King Mirian III and Queen Nana lived in the IV century. King Mirian ascended the throne at age 7 and at age 15 married the Queen Nan. King Mirian is revered as the first Christian king of Georgia, who established Christianity as the state religion of the country.

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