In the monastery the feast of the presentation in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary will be held 6 liturgies

Holy assumption Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

In the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra on the day of presentation to the Church of the blessed virgin Mary, December 4, will serve six Divine liturgies.

As reported on the website of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, the festive divine services will be held according to this schedule:

06.00 – Holy cross Church: Midnight


05.30 – Near caves;

06.30 – Holy cross Church;

07.00 – Cathedral of the assumption;

08.30 – Refectory Church;

09.15 – Anatakitaki temple;

09.40 – Temple of the PDP. Sergiya Radonezhskogo:

Evening service:

16.30 – Refectory Church in honor of venerable Anthony and Theodosius of the caves.

As reported by the SPM, in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary happened, according to Legend, saved the stories, in the following way. The parents of the virgin Mary, righteous Joachim and Anna, praying for permission of neplatite, vowed, that if she had a child, she would dedicate him to the service.

When the blessed virgin was three years old, the Holy parents decided to fulfill their promise. Gathering of relatives and friends, wearing pure Mary in the finest clothes, singing sacred songs, with lighted candles in their hands brought her to the temple in Jerusalem. There met Bolotbekovich the high priest with many priests.

In the temple stairs leading up to fifteen high steps. The child Mary, it seemed, could not Herself make it up this stairway. But as soon as It was put on the first step, strengthened by the power of God, She quickly overcame the remaining steps and ascended to the top. Then the high priest, through inspiration from above, introduced the blessed virgin in the Holy of holies, where all the people only once a year the high priest entered with sacrificial blood of cleansing.

All present in the temple were astonished at this most unusual occurrence.

In commemoration of the entry of the Theotokos into the Jerusalem temple, Holy Church from ancient times established a solemn feastday. The instructions to commit a holiday in the first centuries of Christianity are found in the traditions of Palestinian Christians, which says that the Holy Empress Helen built a Church in honor of the Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin.

In the fourth century mention this celebration of St. Gregory of Nyssa. In the VIII century sermon on the day of Injection were uttered by the saints Herman and Tarasius, Patriarchs of Constantinople.

The feast of the presentation of the blessed virgin Mary foretells the blessing of God to the human race, the preaching of salvation, the promise of Christ’s coming.

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