“In the morning drunk!” what happened to cursed all of uncle Kolya

“Maybe he’s not drunk? timidly I put in”. To stand up or not, if you kick or hurt a quiet drunk, and that actually can be with a man?

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Elena Kucherenko

Today I saw in the store the security guard swore at the old man. She wasn’t abused, just strictly said that drunk shouldn’t be here.

– Will fill your eyes in the morning and for more – echoed small globular lady in the pink hat (this hat has hypnotized me right). – Correct (this guard). Let him sleep it off first.

The man really was swaying and she was trying to explain in a slurred voice. I stood and was surprised that it didn’t smell of liquor.

Maybe he’s drunk? timidly I put.

– Yeah, an athlete, marathon runner, – muttered the guard and eventually brought pogrustnevshy grandpa in the street.

I hesitated on the spot and thought to stand up or not. To catch up or to do their bags. I don’t know, was drunk man or sober. And is it possible to kick drunk people out of the store if they are not rowdy. And grandpa was obviously quiet.

On the street I tried to find him, but he was already gone.

– Maybe the truth so be it, – I calmed myself.

But it felt disgusting. I remembered one case.

It occurred two years ago in the southern Ukrainian town where my mother-in-law and where I would occasionally visit with her daughters.

Then, we had not Masha. Grandma with three of the older girls went to the cottage, and we are with Tonya after a walk we decided to go to the store.

Scored products are in the queue to the cashier. The place is not small. And in front of some drunk man slows, and so does not quite a quick process.

At first I could not to get the money, then tried to explain something and two words could not. When that was dealt with, the food in the bag could not lay down.

The cashier, a middle-aged woman, rolled her eyes and nervously fingered the long nail with rhinestones.

The turn was indignant:

– In the morning drunk!

– We’re late!

– Do not you ashamed?!?!

A woman with a child swore that “the baby is hungry, and because of such…”.

Babe apparently was really hungry, because plowshare out a shriek and tried to grab at the cash register candy bars.

Ran up a huge, menacing guard.

The place roared in approval.

Well, I guess now he’ll just make him a sober lifestyle.

A “bully” began frantically to put products “drunky” in the package and lament:

– Uncle Kolya! Why haven’t you called me?

Uncle nick smiled apologetically and shrugged.

The guard helped him, took him aside, and then came back to us and explained that no, uncle nick was not drunk. He had a stroke, and now he staggers and does not speak.

I paid… For me was the woman with a screaming hungry child. And it turned out that she didn’t have enough money for ice cream. She’s already decided to take your ice cream back, but the child was so upset that I thought, “And not to pay me”.

But ahead of me cursed all uncle nick. He was still in the shop and heard everything. He came back and paid for it with ice cream.

The woman blushed-pale-green, but in the end, took this little (or big) gift. And then watched the departing uncle Kolya after and mumbled:

I’m always makes. Hurt a good man.

That’s the story.

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