In the Moscow region opened the apartment followed by accommodation for deaf-blind


On August 30 in Lyubertsy opened two apartments, furnished with the needs of people with simultaneous hearing and vision. This is the first stage of a large project followed by living in the suburbs, implemented by Foundation for the deaf and blind “unity” in cooperation with the Ministry of social development of the Moscow region, reports the website of the Fund. The apartment can accommodate 5-6 children in our care.

The aim of the project is to adapt people with disabilities to independent living and subsequently resettle in their own homes.


The reasons why the deaf-blind need training for independent living are different: it can be young people with simultaneous hearing and vision previously living with family and not having experience in solving domestic issues, adults and even elderly deaf-blind people, who throughout life were under the care of relatives, or lived in specialized institutions. To learn the basics of cooking, cleaning, washing and other household skills new tenants will be able in 3-6 months. First, under constant supervision of experienced professionals, and then independently.
“We are pleased that the Moscow region became the first pilot, where we can practice technique followed by accommodation in apartments in residential areas. It is important to give deafblind people, and other categories of persons with disabilities alternative: so far for them were often available only one way – to the orphanage, where in fact no freedom, no independence. In the future we plan to extend this in-demand experience to other regions”, – said the President of Fund “unity” Dmitry Polikanov.
In addition, the project will involve the staff of the Center of social service Lyubertsy. With the Foundation’s support they will be trained to work with deaf-blind, which will study methods of communication – manual alphabet and basics of Russian sign language.


“Girls – Alyona Denisova Kapustian and angelina is just glowing from happiness: freedom, independence, doing their own cooking, separation from the parents. And secondly the apartment – two adults from the Klin house-boarding-school – Konstantin and Natalia. Also in the euphoria: and the room was spacious, and life without hard mode-graphics, and accompanying in sign language saying that individual happiness. Constantine dumb, they used to say in Russian sign language. But since no one haven’t talked to him in a boarding school particularly, we now understand the gestures, but to say they can’t. So it is still a lot of work on recovery skills,” said Dmitry Polikanov.

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