In the Moscow theological Academy, was presented the portal “Academy of faith”


November 23 in the Moscow theological Academy has arrived delegation of the all-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov headed by rector Vladimir Malyshev. The guests venerated the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh in the Trinity Cathedral and prayed at the prayer service, which was officiated by the rector of the Moscow theological Academy Archbishop Vereysky Ambrose.

Before the official presentation of the project, the Archbishop Ambrose was awarded the rector of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Malyshev V. S. medal of the Moscow theological Academy “For work and merit”. Educational institutions for 2018 actively cooperated in establishing a cycle of animated films in the framework of the project “the Academy of faith.” In September of this year, the rectors of the MDA and the film Institute have signed an Agreement on cooperation between universities.

At 16:30 in the Big hall took place the presentation of the new educational project from the team portal Богослов.RU “the Academy of faith”, reports a press-service YEAH. The leader of the project Archpriest Paul Giants spoke about how the idea of creating the portal, explained its structure and themes.

“The Academy of faith” is a free educational platform that promotes familiarity with a wide range of issues of theology, Church life, faith and morals. Gradually rising levels of grammar, rhetorician, philosopher, theologian, users can thoroughly explore theological questions.

“We first tried to use not quite familiar to our theology methods of presentation of information-infographics, interactive games, a variety of tests. We have tried to minimize the number of texts to turn a journey through theology into something exciting. How we did it – to judge our readers, viewers,” – said father Paul.

Then, a demonstration of the short film “Trinity” and “Who is Jesus?”. Within the framework of the project “Academy of faith” for 9 months of joint cooperation with teachers and students of the film Institute was created 20 animated movies in the accessible and interesting form, tell about Christianity.

“This project is unique because it largely shows for the first time, what spiritual school you can collaborate with secular universities to the word of the gospel in the modern world and sounded,” said Archbishop Ambrose.

After discussing the films and answer questions from the audience, Archbishop Ambrose was awarded honorary diplomas of the creators of the project:

  • artistic Directors movies portal “Academy of faith” – the Dean of the faculty of animation and multimedia of Gerasimov Institute of cinematography E. G. Yaremenko and head of Department of animation and computer graphics, cinematography, Professor S. M. Sokolova;the authors of the text and of the editorial Board members Anthony Borisov priest and priest Stefan Domuschi;
  • producer movies portal “Academy of faith,” deacon Anatoliy Kolot;
  • the author of the scripts of the films by Alexei Yurievich pishchulin;
  • editor of portal Anna Borisov.

At the end of the event E. G. Yaremenko thanked for the joint work and noted that this project connected students who are professionally engaged in the movie, with the students, philosophers, and theologians who seek the meaning of human life. In turn, S. M. Sokolov stressed that these films raise eternal questions and make it clear that, “everyone needs to understand their place in the world.”


The project “Academy of faith” is implemented by the information technology Center Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra and the Moscow theological Academy of the Russian Orthodox Church at the expense of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

We invite all, for whom education did not end with the school bench, to take a fascinating journey through the universe of theology on the portal!

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