In the Museum named after Andrei Rublev opens the exhibition “the Heavenly Church. The image of Cathedrals of the saints in Russian iconography of the XVI – beginning of XX century”


The exhibition presents icons of a special type, which depict large groups of angels and saints (often called Councils). In each case, the choice of these saints corresponds to a certain idea – it’s heavenly intercessors and helpers in various situations of life, saints, United by the date of the celebration in the Church calendar, as well as place your feat. Particularly fully presents the theme of Russian saints – the Cathedrals of the Moscow, Rostov, Novgorod and many other miracle workers. In such icons clearly expressed in the idea of inclusion of the Russian Church in the Divine Economy.

The exhibition’s gem are complex symbolic and allegorical composition, embodied in visible images of the Christian idea of the creation of the earthly Church and the Heavenly glorification of the Church. The exposition covers the period from XVI to the early XX century.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the State historical Museum provided for exhibiting rare icons from its collection. Visitors will see the unique, recently restored monuments from private collections. Only the audience will feature more than 70 works. Many of them contain important inscriptions: signatures of artists, creation date, messages about ordering, donation and existence of icons, making these monuments are especially valuable for Russian history and culture.

Exhibition curators: Ph. D. J. E. Zelenin (Museum of Andrei Rublev), L. P. Tarasenko (State historical Museum).

PRESS preview on 14 November at 15.00 at the address: Moscow, Andronievskaya sq., 10 the.

For visitors the exhibition will be open from November 15, 2018 January 20, 2019.

Media accreditation: (495) 678-11-23, (495) 678-98-03

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