In the Museum of Andrei Rublev was the tour for the deaf and hard of hearing children


Central Museum of ancient Russian culture and art named after Andrei Rublev, together with the Center for the deaf and hearing-impaired people “Hand”, operating with the Church of All Saints resplendent in the Russian land, had a tour and a master class for the deaf and hard of hearing children.


The students were familiarized with the cell of the scribe, where they learned about the process of creating books in Ancient Russia, spoke about the role of literacy in culture, the main stages of its history – from ancient handwritten samples before the emergence of printing.Also with the help of a guide(scientific employee of the Museum E. V. Korotkova) and translator for the sign language (the head of the Center “right Hand”A. A. Andreikina) guys have created your own book and took it as a gift.


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