In the Museum of the Bible appeared personal Bible Donald trump

Children’s Bible is the current President of the United States, where he was sworn a solemn oath to the people during the inauguration ceremony, became a Museum piece.

Museum in the US capital is open to the public in November and has hundreds of Bible artifacts and Bibles belonging to the historical, religious and political leaders. The President declared the collection a book that trump was a kid a gift from his mother Marie-Anne. Within the Bible there is a note from the day trump reaffirmed his faith, — reported in The Christian Post.

Young Donald trump wore his Bible classes in the Sunday school of First Presbyterian Church in the borough of Queens city of new York. During the graduation ceremony, the future President of the elementary school in 1955, his copy of the Bible was adorned with commemorative signatures of priest and teachers of the Sunday school.

Before his inauguration, trump has demonstrated his Bible in the pre-video 2016 thanked Evangelical Christians for their support.

“My mom gave me this Bible. She wrote my name and address, and for me it is the greatest jewel now. I want to thank all Evangelical Christians. I will never let you down,” – said in the clip trump.

Now thousands of people can now see the Bible trump.

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