In the Museum of the Bible it was found lost in ancient Greece manuscript

This story might sound like something taken from the pages of an international Thriller. Recently in a Bible Museum in Washington has found an ancient biblical manuscript which disappeared many years ago in Greece.

It all started with the fact that the University of Athens noticed that their manuscript, which was written 10 centuries ago, was stolen. But after that, he was on the other side of the Atlantic, in Washington.

The main question is how this document, which a thousand years were at the Museum of the Bible? The problem is solved. We know where he is. But as he disappeared from the University of Athens?

“The manuscript in front of you, says Jeff Kloha, chief curator of the Museum. — How he got here is a mystery”.

The manuscript is written in the XII century. The monk rewrote the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Most likely, it was used in the Greek Church or monastery. After 800 years it donated to the University of Athens and in 1991 he was gone.

“They put this manuscript in 1987, on the anniversary of the creation of the University. They gave it to the University Museum of the University library, together with three other manuscripts. Four years later they received a note from the Museum that they have three of the manuscript. They didn’t say anything to them about the fourth manuscript, and that it is not,” says Jeff Kloha.

After that, the relic is, in fact, disappeared.

“It was stolen. It was taken without permission. Someone stole it. It is very easy to hide in a suitcase or bag. It is not a bug or a GPS system. That’s why it was easy to pick up,” continues the Museum’s curator.

The documents say that for the first time this manuscript appeared again at auction in 1998. After that it passed through the hands of private collectors, before in 2014 he was presented to the Museum of the Bible. No one knew the truth due to the fact that the missing page.

“On this page could be inscriptions that speak of his identity. Looks like someone deliberately tried to hide the origin of the manuscript,” continues Kloha.

Meanwhile, the University of Athens conducted an investigation and found out that their missing property may be in America.

“One of our staff, Dr. Tommy Wasserman has posted information about the manuscript in the New Testament. That’s where the University found information and decided that this document is similar to the loss and contacted us,” says Jeff Kloha.

That conversation led to a breakthrough, and now missing, returned home.

“This is the heritage of all mankind. This is the story of the Bible and how it was stored,” says Kloha.

For the 1000-year-old manuscript is in very good condition.

1 October the manuscript was Packed up and sent to Greece. At this time, the University has closely followed his return. Before returning to its owner, the manuscript was exhibited in the Museum of the Bible, and thousands of people know his story and looked at this proof of biblical events with my own eyes. The question “Who kidnapped him?” still remains a mystery, but scientists hope to uncover her.

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