In the Network published photos of the ruined temples of Volyn

Unique photos of the destroyed temples of Volyn

On the pages of Belarusian historical resource published unique vintage photos of churches Lubarovska district.

As reported “UNIAN”, the part of this area during the Russian Empire according to the administrative division belonged to the Pinsk district, Minsk province.

Almost all the documents from the settlements that are subject to the above-mentioned province, appeared in the archives of Minsk. So we got there and the pictures of a hundred years ago the temples of Lyubeshov, ‘iaz ‘ and Such.

The uniqueness of the photos that they depict structures no longer exist.

A special place among them occupies lubarovska Church, destroyed during the Soviet era. The temple was part of the monastery complex and had an unusual interior painting.

Earlier the pilgrims had published a photo of the Athonite monastery of St. Panteleimon for 100 years.

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