In the Novodevichy convent of St. Petersburg consecrated the new building of a shelter for moms


At St Vladimir’s school of the Novodevichy convent on 25 November took place the opening of the new building of the orphanage “Grace” for moms who find themselves in a difficult situation, reports IA “living Water”. Chin made the senior priest of the monastery, the priest Dionysius Kharin. Present abbess Sophia (Silina) with the sisters.

Father Dionisy congratulated the young women on mother’s Day and wished them strength, wisdom and help of God in the main service of their life – motherhood.

“The most sacred thing God has given us in life on earth is a mother,’ said the priest. – Service to any mother multifaceted. It is the main conduit of divine love, mercy, and so infinitely loves his child, what if he was wrong and no matter how far left her, a mother’s love always be with him beyond time and distance. I want to wish all mothers, that once faced with difficult life circumstances and receive assistance in a shelter, learn to give love and warmth to the families and friends precious children. Someone is a mother, giving birth to children, and someone like the mother of God, extend love to all living beings. I would like to pay gratitude to mother Sophia, who cares for each of us, in particular, about the shelter. As our spiritual mother, she sets an example of true maternal love.”


The shelter provides assistance to young mothers – graduates of orphanages. Now there are nine mothers with children, a total of 24 people. Supervisors help staff to resolve problems with documents, through the guardianship to the state indoor, with the help of sponsors provide them with food and medicines. Young mothers are employed in the monastery. School-age children are enrolled in St. Vladimir’s school.

After the consecration of the corps were organized games by the entertainment staff, the children showed the play and presented gifts.

Shelter “Grace” exists since 2005 and began work in the framework of the program of the charity Fund “Help children”. In September of 2018, the project received the support of the presidential grants that expanded its capabilities. There were social workers, and trained psychologists.

Photo: Stanislav Marchenko

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