In the Odessa diocese has provided humanitarian assistance to needy families

Employees of Social Department of the Odessa eparchy of the UOC

In Odessa townspeople in need, the UOC has provided assistance.

18 July 2018, with the blessing of his Eminence, Agafangel, Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail, the staff of the Department for charity and social service of the Odessa diocese visited a number of families of the city of Odessa and provided them with humanitarian and social assistance, according to the website of the diocese of the UOC.

Charity event the representatives of the UOC held in conjunction with the Social organization of the Odessa regional Peace Council.

In addition to material assistance to adults living in difficult conditions, employees welfare Department took care of the children for whom we have prepared a special play sets.

The coordinating center of the Odessa eparchy of the UOC regularly assists migrants from the Donbass and the needy inhabitants of Odessa.

In 2017 the Odesa eparchy of the UOC spent at a charity event about 3 million hryvnia.

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