In the Orthodox camp have adopted children affected by religious conflicts

The children had the opportunity to improve your health and relax

50 children from the settlements of Rivne region, the epicentre of sectarian conflicts, spent two weeks in the children’s Orthodox camp “a Chance.”

The camp, located in the Bakota Bay on the Khmelnytsky organized the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, reports the correspondent of SPM.

Children who live in parishes suffering from inter-Church conflicts, had an opportunity to recover, to rest, to pray together with their peers and have fun.

Archpriest Victor Excavation, the head of the office for the settlement of religious conflicts of the diocese of Rivne explained: “Church conflict, hostility in the village is reflected on the children who are often in the epicenter of events. There are many cases when children are exposed to the aggression of the villagers because of their religious beliefs. Sending children to the camp, “Chance”, we’d like to make them feel part of the Orthodox family, loving and always ready to help.”

Annually the Orthodox camp “Chance” takes a few hundred children from different parts of Ukraine. Accommodation, meals and activities at the camp is a balanced model of the mode of the day Orthodox Christian. The owls of the organizers, children learn to build up your life, take time for prayer, leisure, reflection and learning.

Earlier in Chernihiv right-wing radicals almost smashed the camp, an Orthodox children’s camp of the UOC: they broke into the territory, however, children were not found, as the camp finished the job a day early. The nationalists due to children’s camp threatened the Archbishop of Nezhin and Priluki Clement and beat up the editor of the local newspaper because he wrote an article about the rest of the children

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