In the Orthodox St. Tikhon’s University will be hosting the next Open Intellectual competition


October 21, 2018 at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University will host the next Open Intellectual contest. The competition this year celebrates its anniversary – teams will fight for the Cup of the winner of St. Tikhon’s University for the 15th time.

The history of the Intellectual tournament at St. Tikhon’s University dates back to 2007, when the battle of wits has met the team of theological and historical faculties. Next year the participants joined the faculty of Philology, who became the winner. III the Intellectual competition of St. Tikhon’s University for the first time participated teams from other universities: the State Academy of Slavic culture, and Moscow engineering physics Institute. In subsequent years, guests of the tournament became students of the Moscow Orthodox Institute of St. John the theologian, Moscow University. Witte (former MIAN), Moscow Institute of physics and technology and Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, whose students have twice won first place in the tournament and at the moment are the current winners.

“We try to at the tournament were represented all faculties of the University, we also want to collect the students are friendly to us universities and theological schools of the Moscow region. And usually we do that” – says the organizer of the event Vice-rector for social and missionary work of St. Tikhon’s University priest Philip Ilyashenko. Indeed, an important place in this competition is a team of theological schools: in Open Intellectual competition of the announce of the regular participants of the Moscow theological Academy, Candlemas, Perervinskiy, Nikolo-Ugreshsky, Kolomenskaya spiritual Seminary.

In recent years, the tournament was attended by student teams from all faculties of St. Tikhon’s University and the team of the Moscow theological schools and universities.

“Impressions overwhelm, especially after the tension of the last round. Here we look at the level of their training. And the tournament even allows you to jump above their heads,” – shared his thoughts after last year’s tournament, the captain of the faculty of history Arseny Kosula. It is worth noting that in the history of the tournament, the team of historical faculty is the only, never left the three first places.

Outdoor Intellectual tournament of St. Tikhon’s University focuses on the traditions of the legendary game show “What? Where? When?”: ideological inspirers of the tournament of St. Tikhon’s University are the participants of the TV program “What? Where? When?” and the owners of the “Crystal owl” the doctor of Church history Vladislav Igorevich parsley and Professor MARCHI Nikita Shangin Genomic – host of the event. “I think the contest is professionally organized: very clearly, in a lovely room, with a high level of written questions. But the main thing that the guys is fun,” says Nikita Genomic.

Invite teams to compete for the Cup pstgu, and viewers – support them!

Beginning at 15:00. Teams registration 14:00-14:45.

Venue – Main building of St. Tikhon’s University (lichov lane 6).

Applications please send to the address [email protected]. Here you can download the application form for participation for teams from other universities).

Media accreditation at: [email protected]

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