In the Park “Russia – My story. Sverdlovsk oblast” held a special screening of the film “Revolution: a trap for Russia”


6 October 2018 within the framework of XXIX Open documentary film festival “Russia” in the Multimedia historical Park “Russia – My story. Sverdlovsk oblast” will be showing a documentary historical film “the Revolution: a trap for Russia” and a creative meeting with the author of the film Elena Chavchavadze, according to the Yekaterinburg Diocese.

The film shows behind-the-scenes roots of the 1905 revolution based on documents from the archive of the foreign Ministry of Japan and Library of Congress. The film claims that the first Russian revolution was not a consequence of its internal social and economic problems, and certainly not the revolt of the masses, and the result of the design of the mechanisms of “color” revolutions of the time.

The Creator of the film by the Russian journalist, Director, screenwriter, social activist Elena Nikolaevna Chavchavadze. Since 1998 he is Vice-President of the Russian Fund of culture. Executive Secretary of the Patriarchal Council for culture. The founder of Fund “Return”, advocate the return of historical traditions, moral values and names that existed in Russia until 1917, and rejected during the years of Soviet power.

The film will be screened on October 6 at 12:00.

Multimedia historical Park “Russia – My story. Sverdlovsk oblast”: Ekaterinburg, street of national will, 49.

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