In the Phanar trying to impose on the Roman Catholic Church model, a cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church

Bishops ‘ Council (Synaxis) Of The Church Of Constantinople

In the speech of Patriarch Bartholomew at the Synaxis a member of the Synodal Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church Archpriest Andrey Novikov has noted a tendency for “Eastern papism”.

Of the Constantinople Patriarchate are trying to impose the Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic model. This was stated by a member of the Synodal biblical-theological Commission of the Moscow Patriarchy Archpriest Andrey Novikov in comments to Interfax.

“All these expressions: that of the Patriarchate of Constantinople without all the other Local Churches – “sheep without a shepherd” that Constantinople has a certain uniqueness that it represents the ethos, or the nation of Orthodoxy that he has a special right of Supreme jurisdiction over the whole Church, provides its unity – it all follows the Roman Catholic views on the Pope’s role in the Church, and this is absolute, pure heresy” – said the priest of the ROC, referring to the speech by Patriarch Bartholomew at the Synaxis of the Church of Constantinople on 1 September.

According to the representative of the theological Commission, in this speech of Patriarch Bartholomew gathered what was said before the various Ecumenical theologians.

“This is a trend that has existed since the middle ages, but it is especially intensified in the twentieth century, acquiring exaggerated form: the trend to so-called “Eastern papism”,” – said father Andrew.

According to him, if before such arguments existed at the level of individual bishops, now is a speech on the Synaxis, the meeting of all bishops of Constantinople and “nobody protested,” that is voiced by the Patriarch point of view became the Cathedral.

“It will be very difficult to remain in communion with people who are actually trying to impose the Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic model: it is contrary to the way he created the Church of Jesus Christ”, concluded the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Bishops ‘ Council (Synaxis) of the Church of Constantinople was held in Istanbul on 1-3 September. In his speech opening the meeting, Patriarch Bartholomew said that “the Ecumenical Patriarchate is responsible for the establishment of the Church and canonical order, because only he has the canonical privilege of the <…> to perform this Supreme and exclusive duties.”

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