In the prison conference “Lived-were” brought together Ministers from dozens of Russian cities

In Irkutsk from February 7 to February 10 was held the national meeting of prison chaplains “were”. The event was organized by the Association of Christians of Evangelical faith “Covenant.” The conference was attended by 200 brothers and sisters from 8 unions of Evangelical churches in 30 cities in the country.

According to the event organizer, pastor of the local religious organization “Christian Church “Covenant” Dennis Truskova, prison Ministry in Russia “is quite a good experience”.

“In this country have undergone many believers in prisons and camps, serving time for preaching the gospel. But, unfortunately, the prison service is now experiencing not the best time. In some regions of the door for preaching is almost closed. It is in order to maintain prison Ministers, sharing different experiences of Ministry, and was organized this conference”, — said the priest.

The name of the conference, said the pastor Truskov, crossed with prison jargon. However, actually, the name of the conference has a different meaning.

“Lived-were” — this is our itee-being. God in His Word says a lot about the fact that we remember how He saved us, or from what He has saved us. Those to whom much is forgiven, the more love,” — said Denis Trusov.

On the first day of conference opening: introduction and welcome. On the second day of the prison chaplains shared practical tools for preaching the gospel in places of detention. On the third day, the participants went to the shore of lake Baikal, and then conducted a current-show “were: to remember to forget”, in which speakers shared their testimonies. Also during the talk show, the President of MOOP “Choice” (Perm) Anna Kargapoltseva told about implementation of projects aimed at the prevention of repeated crime, with the support of presidential grants. the coordinator for cooperation with the Federal penitentiary service of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostal) pastor Sergey Hariv (Moscow) spoke about article 14 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation about the statement, which can write the person in places of deprivation of liberty, in order to invite a representative of religious organizations, and the prison chaplain Victor screamers presented his book “Hermits from the island of Fire.”

“After the talk show brothers and sisters plunged into the presence of God in prayer and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Specially for a night of praise and worship came the brother from Ukraine — Roman Ivanko. His dedication to God, which is reflected in his work, helped the audience to plunge into the atmosphere of heaven”, — said the representative of the press service MRO HC “Covenant” (Irkutsk) Stepan Eliseev.

On the fourth day a delegation of chaplains went to conduct the service in the IR-15 — colony in Angarsk.

Alexey Kovalyonok especially for GOD.NEWS


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