In the Pskov diocese will be held celebrations dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of chiyoumen Sava (Ostapenko)


25 Nov 2018 in the Pskov diocese will be held celebrations dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of chiyoumen Sava (Ostapenko). On this day in the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky monastery will be committed by memorial services, according to the Pskov Diocesan Management.

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To the 120th anniversary of the birth of chiyoumen Sava (Ostapenko)

120 years ago, November 25, 1898, was born Abbot Savva (Ostapenko) – one of the great elders of the Russian Orthodox Church of the XX century.

Friends my spiritual and Chad is right!
As a pastor, I love in the Lord,
You books all – the last and the first
And all my work keep for yourself.
(Abbot Savva)

Birthplace of the elder (in the world Nikolai Mikhailovich) in the family of pious, deeply religious parents Mikhail and Ekaterina Ostapenko. From childhood he was distinguished by a talent for teaching, a love for Church worship from an early age having a desire to become a monk. After passing the exams in 1946 and enrolling in the theological Seminary of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Nicholas Ostapenko left in her to fulfill her service to God. In the monastery he was tonsured a monk with the name Sava, in honour of St. Savva Storozhevsky (Zvenigorod).

The father has consistently carried the obedience of the economy, then Confessor of the pilgrims, and later the feat of elderhood. Active love of the father Sava was expressed in the fact that he gave himself to the service of one’s neighbor. Not a single person approached the priest, was left without consolation. Christian love he put at the head of all.

Love – not just the pleasure…
Love, warmth, care light!
Love – suffering and patience,
Great act of renunciation…
Love is a Divine Covenant!

(Abbot Savva)

In the hearts of those seeking him he tried to kindle a spark of the divine gift, sought to help not only spiritually but also financially help the needy. Ascetic life of old man and love was the cause of numerous denunciations of him in this connection in the summer of 1954 my father was transferred to the Pskov-caves monastery. Ordeal slander that befell the elder in a new place, ensured that he was sent to serve in the parishes. A lot had to do chiyomaru Sawa parishes, to postpone the trials, which affected his health, before in 1960 by decree of Archbishop John (Razumov), he was returned to the Pskovo-Pechersk monastery. In the Holy monastery father Sava, not only spiritually by coming to him, the countless flow of people, but for 20 years he bore obedience of the head of the Ritual recitation of the Psalter, which he loved.

“The Psalms and the Jesus prayer – the living water from the same source. The Psalm supports the Jesus prayer as the walls of the temple and its roof”.

In 1973 Archimandrite Sava was tonsured by Archimandrite Alypy in the Great Schema.

All his life Abbot Savva carried the feat of serving God and neighbor. It was a great priest, a great preacher, spiritual writer. Instruction in which he explained to the people the patristic teaching, distinguished by the simplicity and accessibility of the syllable.

After 38 years since the death of the righteous chiyoumen Sava, his teachings also remain relevant and popular spiritual children. Being a spiritual writer, the elder left a lot of books on the spiritual life. In his work “the Fruits of true repentance,” the priest explains the sacrament of penance and the importance of preparation for it.

“Repentance is the Foundation of our salvation, so it can not be neglected. The Holy sacrament of penance there is a font in which the sinner is cleansed for heaven. At baptism we are born of water and the Holy Spirit, in repentance we are reborn in tears and the Holy Spirit.”

Abbot Savva, not only in sermons but also by his example taught the most important in the life of an Orthodox Christian pray without ceasing.

“The main thing is prayer, prayer is everything! Prayer conquers all. And all the questions will answer prayer”.

“After all, it’s not the length of prayer, and in her ardor, ardour cannot last long, even and perfect worshipers of God”.

Being kind and wise priest, the old man had compassion for every person, but with their children was simply hiding under the severity sincere sympathy. The Central event of the spiritual life of the Abbot Savva believed the communion, urging their children to proceed to the Sacrament as often as possible.

“Grace, bestowed the initiation is so great that no matter how unworthy, how sinful would be was no man, but only in humble consciousness of his sehremaneti began to the Lord, redeeming all of us, and then, at least from head to foot was covered with sores of sins, will be cleansed through the grace of Christ will be more and more to lighten, brighten and completely saved.”

July 27, 1980, the elder reposed in the Lord, and was buried in a God-created caves of the Holy Dormition Pskov-caves monastery.

Abbot Savva often repeated saying of Saint Seraphim of Sarov: “acquire a peaceful spirit, and beside you will be saved thousands,” but he also himself scrupulously followed this advice, so thousands of people fleeing near the elder in his lifetime, and I feel his constant concern and prayer intercession.

Abbess of Holy cross of Jerusalem Stavropigialny women’s monastery, Catherine (Chainikova):

– We stay with his spiritual father in unceasing prayer fellowship because he taught us that prayer above all. Conversing with us on various topics, answering our questions, he then said: “now, go and pray. I for you will pray, and you for me.” And added the words, memorable for the whole life: “Conversation is good, but prayer above!”

The priest blessed his spiritual children to enjoy the Liturgy in remote rural parishes. We went there on a Sunday or a public holiday, agreed with the Abbot. Were carrying cereals, butter, cakes, wine for the Liturgy. Was carrying some money, and the priest of this income for long enough. Also visit tried to help elevate the Church: where something, somewhere to close the roof. Men and Teens if necessary, made repairs to the altar. Then I did it all for obedience, and today, being the abbess of the monastery, you know: what it was a material support for the long forgotten wards!

Metropolitan Yoshkar-Ola and Mari Ioann (Timofeyev):

– The elder taught: if you communicate with the person, you must first put yourself in his place to give him the opportunity to talk and only then prayerfully give an answer. After all, what’s going on without prayer, is very often the fruit of our vanity, and not the will of God, which should come out of our mouths. All you do: worship whether, everyday worldly things, do it like there was no tomorrow.

Abbot Savva commanded, that every man should be simple, in whatever rank or condition he may be. In simplicity you be a chosen vessel of God, it makes you immune to the most terrible sins – vanity, pride.

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