11 APR in Public chamber of the Russian Federation was held all-Russian youth forum “Religious diversity and national unity”. It was organized by the members of the Commission on harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations OP of the Russian Federation, working group on countering pseudo-religious extremism of the coordination Council on counter-terrorism at the OP of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the forum called for the creation of new forms of interconfessional dialogue, strengthening of interethnic and interreligious harmony among the youth and discuss issues of preventing the spread of xenophobia and extremism.

As participants of the forum were invited representatives of the main religious associations of Russia, the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government and other public authorities, the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, public and youth associations, scientific community.

On behalf of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostals) was the youth pastor of the Moscow Christian Charismatic Church “Rosa” Ilya Savelyev.

The moderator of the forum was the head of the working group on countering pseudo-religious extremism of the coordination Council on counter-terrorism at the OP of the Russian Federation, the mufti of the Spiritual Assembly of Russian Muslims Albir Krganov. According to the mufti, this event will help to establish communication between young people of different faiths. The mufti believes that only together with young people to address issues of inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue.
The forum aims to help the formation of the believing youth active citizenship, and to contribute to the improvement of cooperation with state authorities.
“We hope that our interreligious dialogue will help to prevent the spread of such social phenomena as pseudo-religious extremism”, — concluded Albir Krganov.

Head of Department for cooperation with religious organizations Department of the President of the Russian Federation on internal policy Yevgeny Eremin talked about the bloggers, followed by tens of thousands of people in social networks. The politician wished the audience the students to grow in their environment youth “prophets” that will carry traditional spiritual values.

In turn, Deputy head of the Administrative Secretariat of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, head of the youth Department of the Moscow diocese Mikhail Kuksov spoke about the importance of respectful inter-religious and inter-ethnic relations.
“What efforts we will make to shape our future, so be it, – said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church. Not only from youth organisations dependent relationship between young people of different faiths, but of each person. Each person is responsible”.

Vice-President of the Congress of Jewish religious communities and organizations of Russia (KEROOR) relations with state and public organizations, Rabbi Zinovy Kogan said that religious and ethnic diversity is not a burden or a curse Russia, but rather a blessing. In his opinion, it makes people stronger and keeps the distortions as a religion tolerant.

Pastor Oleg Goncharov, first Deputy Chairman of Euro-Asia division (branch) of the General conference of the Church of Christians of Seventh Day Adventists also talked about the importance of proper education of the young generation in the spirit of moral values, religions, and cultures. In his view, this will prevent terrorist acts and extremist sentiments.

On the importance of coexistence in a multicultural dialogue despite the difference of views and beliefs, said Vardan Poghosyan, Deputy Chairman of the youth Union NAR Novo-Nakhichevan and Russian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The representative Roshi youth pastor of the Moscow Christian Charismatic Church “Rosa” Ilya Saveliev has also made the report.
“In rashwe we encourage interfaith and interreligious dialogue and applied for its part, the effort to develop and continued,” — said the pastor.
In his opinion, to see the unity only in diversity. The priest also noted that extremism does not occur on the grounds, where people adhere to high moral standards and quite enlightened.

The significance of the theme of the Forum was allocated and pastor Sergey Belov — Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists.

At the end of the official part was made by the preacher of the Central deanery of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of European Russia Artis Petersons. He talked about the fact that people used to live separately within their own denominations, with their interests, and these divisions and habits lead to a radical manifestations. In his view, to overcome these phenomena help common prayers and meetings. The preacher also stressed that religious dialogue, peace, international consent are a clear indicator of the effectiveness and importance of such events.
“We need to think less about what divides us, and more to think and to do what unites us — the sky above us, the earth upon which we walk, nature and love for others,” said Arsis Petersons.

The Forum adopted a decision on the establishment of an Interreligious youth Association.

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