In the river in the Chernihiv region robbed the temples of the UOC

The robbers were recorded by a surveillance camera.

Robbers of the Central temple in honor of icon of mother of God unexpected joy in the city of Dnepr, one of whom had been previously convicted, the police have managed to detain.

From the temple of Kazan God’s Mother in village of skorinets ‘ district, Chernihiv region unknown stole three icons, and in the river the thieves returned three times to the temple for valuables, reports Корреспондент.net.

On 19 November, the press service of the Chernihiv police said that unknown attackers robbed the temple of Kazan mother of God in St. Skorinets’, which is located not far from Chernigov. The thieves entered the temple through the window and made three icons of the Savior, of the virgin and of the Saviour. Currently fixed the damage, police opened criminal proceedings under article “theft”.

The perpetrators of last week’s theft from the Central temple in honor of icon of mother of God “unexpected joy” was recorded by surveillance cameras, allowing law enforcement agencies have managed to arrest three residents of the Dnieper (34, 32 and 29 years) suspected of committing a crime. According to the national police, three thieves entered the temple grounds for valuable things, some of which they immediately pawned. Among the stolen – the prayer book, cassock, religious values, and personal belongings of priests. All detainees reported about suspicion. One suspect who has been previously convicted, was detained.

As reported by the SPM, October 16, another theft from the temple of the UOC took place in the Odessa diocese.

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