In the service of the UOC in Hnizdychne it’s more people than fees about ptsu

Photo praying on the left part of the Holy Transfiguration Church, made by a parishioner.

About 130 people came to worship in the Holy Transfiguration Church in s. Hnizdychne, in which supporters of the DNC did not want to let his Abbot, a priest of the UOC.

14 January 2019, the day of the Circumcision of the Lord, the day of memory of St. Nicholas. Basil the Great and new year, Secretary of the Ternopil diocese of the UOC, rector of Holy Transfiguration Church, S. Hnizdychne Zbarazh district, Ternopil region Archpriest Stefan Balan celebrated the divine Liturgy in the temple, right to the prayer in which the community of the UOC had to defend before. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC.

“Today was good, sublime service, a Church full of people! – said the priest. In the temple, there were almost 130 people along with a choir. The choir sings, deacon funeral services… Such joy! Such grace!”

On the eve of January 13, supporters of the DNC tried not to let the Abbot of the temple, blocking two doors. But, according to the priest, he went through the third.

“Begin to declare the beginning of the session in support of the PCU, – said Archpriest Stefan Balan. – And then I suddenly from the temple out: “Christ is Born! Invite all to the service!” And they said, “No, now the fees will be.” But still, “we” took, and at first we worship has done, and only then were charges”.

The rector noted that at the training camp, which decided the fate of the Orthodox community, there were many people, most of whom he never in the temple seen. At the meeting sounded boilerplate arguments (“we – Ukrainian”, “Bartholomew gave Tomos”) and propaganda slogans from the TV.

According to the priest, now the two sides managed to negotiate a peaceful co-existence and supporters of the DNC promised that the capture of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not.

As reported by the SPM, 13 January 2019, the Orthodox community of the UOC of the village Hnizdychne Zbarazh district had to defend their right to pray in their own Holy-Transfiguration Cathedral. At the moment, a sharp conflict in the village, numerical community of the UOC and the proponents of the “transition” in the PCU is approximately equal with a slight advantage of the latter. While the villagers agreed to alternate the meetings in the temple, some additional premises in the village and to divide the assets the community can not.

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