In the Shumsky district “converted” in ptsu temple empty for a second consecutive week

Holy Paraskeva the temple of the UOC Radoshivka village, Ternopil region, sealed off by the supporters of the DNC 31 January, for two Sundays in a row wrong Liturgy.

The rector of the Church; priest Oleg Veklyuk told the correspondent of the SPM that his community in the Church room don’t allow, and who are assigned here from the new Church structures, it is still unclear as to the temple of opponents still no one came. The right service for supporters of the DNC, the priest really can not say. However, his parishioners on 3 and 10 February, gathered for worship in the temple without entering the sealed door.

“I was persuaded to go to the DNC, and explained why. If I stay and serve my people at the parish, they will not come to the new Church. And if I go, the supporters of the DNC are convinced that all people in the village will be with them,” – said father Oleg.

The media reported that the charges “for the transfer” took place in Radoshivka 16 Jan. Certified that the village community “95% supports for ptsu”. According to the media, only “priest of the Russian Orthodox Church” prevents people to enter the temple, not giving the keys.

“I can’t give them the keys. I am the legal Abbot and officially responsible for this property. Besides, in our small village at least 50 people from 200-220 adult residents do support UOC. But the Protocol of vote – 56 of those present voted for the change of jurisdiction. So it was that on the charges on which there was a vote, received only 9 of our parishioners, many were at work, and we just didn’t know that there will be a vote. Then the picture would have been different, more honest,” said the priest.

While the community of the UOC praying in the vestibule of the temple, which was not sealed. The first Sunday the service came 20 people in the second couple of people. Also, according to some, power in the near future may hold in the Church inventory.

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