In the Sophia of Kyiv after the next collapse resumed excavations

Section of modern excavations on the territory of the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”

In the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” following a collapse of the soil occurred in April on the site of the dungeon in 25 meters from the walls of the Cathedral, resumed excavations.

Fragment of a bronze horos, lamp end of the XVIII century and the bullet during the Second world war – first discovery that could unearth the staff of the reserve, wrote “Voice of Ukraine”.

Deputy General Director on scientific work of the reserve, doctor of historical Sciences Vyacheslav Kornienko said that, according to the plans of Kiev Fyodor Ushakov in 1695, on the site of modern failure and subsidence of the soil have been the monastery refectory next to her – the economic cellar.

“The building of the refectory and cellars functioned until about the middle of the eighteenth century, and later, in connection with the development of the monastery, underground passages have been partially backfilled. The refectory during the huge fire that took place in Sofia in the end of XVIII century, was burned along with other wooden structures. It was later rebuilt in the place where it is now. This course is located at a depth of 4 to 5 meters. From the Cathedral it does not reach, and slightly swerves, Metropolitan home and ends up 3-4 metres from the current excavations. This utility structure, and there was no sense to it somewhere,” said Kornienko.

It all worked out in the result of the study, which was conducted in the reserve in 2016-2017 and which was to show in what direction to dig.

“For these works, we invited relevant institutions. Their studies have established the approximate coordinates of this long stroke, showed areas that are under threat of further subsidence. Having defined the sites, this year we supported the initiative of the…of the excavation in the place where jokanaan and seismological studies have shown the risk of further failures”, – said Deputy General Director on scientific work.

In parallel, we study the cultural layer, formed around St. Sophia Cathedral during the last Millennium.

It is also reported that the problem of collapse of soil existed in the NINETEENTH and twentieth centuries. In 2015, the destructive processes intensified: formed a number of new failures and subsidence. Archaeologists, in particular, the candidate of historical Sciences Timur Bobrovsky, the steering now works, even then drew the attention of the reserve’s management and the public on the problems with the failures that can lead to irreparable, if it comes to the building of the Cathedral.

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