In the state of new Jersey (USA) has legalized the “asexual” birth certificate

Now the parents may wish to obtain the birth certificate of a child “gender-neutral” sex. This latest addition is intended to expand the rights of citizens and to Supplement the traditional (and many a long time old) male or female. New Jersey became the fourth state to legalize such a document, after California, Oregon and Washington.

As reported by Christiantoday, a new state law was even named after Babs Siperstein – native (native?) state of the first transgender person elected to Democratic national Committee in 2012. “Bill Babs Siperstein”, among other things, repeals the requirement one of the laws of the state, according to which transgender individuals had to show evidence of hospitals on surgical change of sex to obtain from the authorities the documents on the newly acquired floor. Now, no medical documentation is required – enough personal desires or fantasies.

Before approval by the legislative Assembly of the state, in July 2018, the new law was signed by Phil Murphy, Governor of the state of the Democratic party. “Today the most important day for the state of new Jersey, proudly said the Governor, because we have made another decisive step forward in ensuring equality for all citizens, regardless of gender and gender expression. Giving our citizens a free choice of gender in this important document, we are expanding opportunities for transgender compatriots themselves to identify their gender status”.

“On the one hand, you at birth by physicians is attributed to a certain gender, explains compatriots Ashley Chiappano , activist(ka) of the human rights organization “Equality in the garden state” in his interview to the news service News12 New Jersey. But this does not mean that the floor will match your gender self-determination throughout your life. Gender is a sort of stigma, is the verdict rendered by the doctor at birth. And gender identity reflects your inner feelings, your attitude and expression. This is what you are aiming for and how you Express yourself through clothing, behavior habits and personal identity”.

Earlier this year, the government of the state of new York has also expanded the choices of sex in personal documents of citizens by adding a third cell, and also eliminated the requirement of submitting a police certificate from a doctor to confirm the gender.

Not everyone in the country happy triumphant democracy and gender expression. So, Daniel Moody, Christian philosopher and author of the famous book “the World of the flesh,” criticizes hasty innovations of the authorities in his interview with The Christian Post, “This new option in the documents has nothing to do with biological laws of nature, it is implanted in our consciousness the destructive ideology of hatred to the body, – says the philosopher. Now we can imagine a fancy way of expression in addition to male and female. It is easy to guess that the third floor will soon break up into many new species, subspecies and shades, and the list of gender expression will grow so that finally lost the last remnants of meaning”.









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