In the Synodal Department held a Training collection of military clergy of the Moscow region Regardie


Uchebno-methodical gathering of the clergy engaged in pastoral care of staff Regardie of Moscow and Moscow region, took place on 6 November on the basis of the Synodal Department for cooperation with Armed forces and law enforcement agencies. This is the first event of its kind in the history of the interaction of the Department and Regardie.

The purpose of the gathering is exploring new approaches to the organization of work with the faithful staff TSUNG Russia, forms and methods of work of chaplains for the spiritual enlightenment of the soldiers of Regardie.

During the camp the participants were: the Chairman of the Synodal Department Archpriest Sergiy Privalov, head of group on interaction with public and religious organizations Main Directorate for work with personnel of national guard troops of the Russian Federation Colonel Victor Inozemtsev, assistant to the Chairman of the Synodal Department Boris Mikhailovich Lukichev.

Head of sector for cooperation with the Synod Department for Asgardia priest Roman Bogdasarov has held presentation of the Internet resource “Serve with faith”, dedicated to the work of the branch. The website introduces visitors to the activities of the priests in the temples in Regardie, educational institutions TSUNG of the Russian Federation and includes an interactive map of the temples, in which we care for military members and their families. A separate section of the website devoted to signing of agreements between the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church and the divisions of Regardie.

The participants shared the experience of pastoral Ministry in the armed forces, outlined ways of further cooperation.

Among others, the event was attended by the rector of St. Olga’s Church. kN. Vladimir of the Moscow presidential cadet school. M. A. Sholokhov, military priest of the Central Cossack army priest mark Kravchenko.

According to the website of the Synodal Department for cooperation with Armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

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