In the Ternopol diocese refuted the lie of national police to fight in Hnizdychne

In a clash at Holy Transfiguration Church, during which was beaten by Archpriest Stefan Balan, participated radicals and representatives of law enforcement agencies

Information about the conflict in Hnizdychne which was provided the media by the speaker of the National police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo, is not true.

The words of the speaker of the National police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo that the conflict in the village Hnizdychne arose from the mismatch of the time of worship that is stated Information and enlightenment Department of the UOC.

According to him, 18 January 2019 at the talks, which were held in Gnosticninja village Council in connection with the formation of new communities in the PCU and their desire to use only the local Church has agreed on a schedule for alternating use of the Holy Transfiguration Church.

These talks were attended by a priest of the UOC Stefan Balan and “the priest” new ecclesiastical structure father Ivan Lesik, 5 parishioners from each of the communities and representatives of netting authorities.

Mounted negotiators graph ordered 27 Jan 2019 community ptsu to hold a worship service at 8: 30am the community of the UOC – 12:00. The clergy conducted divine service in accordance with the established schedule.

February 3, 2019 father Stefan had to start the service at 8:30, and “cleric,” new ecclesiastical structure – in 12:00. Further the services were agreed to on the principle of priority, but the keys of the temple entrusted to the possession of the head of the village.

But “priest” ptsu 27 January announced the members of their community that the following services will start at 8:30 than deliberately violated all the agreements.

“Thus it becomes obvious who planned the conflict and fight in S. Hnizdychne 03.02.2019 of the year”, – noted in the Ternopil diocese of the UOC.

The speaker of the national police also said in an interview with “Ukrainian truth” that no use of force by the police was not.

“Law enforcement officers separated the two sides to avoid conflict and public protistans. Individuals one of the religious denominations, with the support of imported not local supporters, began to clash with the law enforcement officials trying to enter places of worship, despite the preliminary agreements between the two religious communities. As a result there was a conflict,” gave his words in the Internet edition “Ukrainian truth”.

The diocese reported that at first, everything was exactly as said Trakalo, but the situation has changed after “the priest” ptsu Ivan Lesik illegally obtained the keys to the entrance of the temple.

“He began to call people to the entrance of the temple and went to the front door, where at that time was the rector and parishioners of the UOC – told in the diocese. – In this moment it so happened that the police or forgot why they are there, or deliberately, quietly made Ivan O. Lesyk to the entrance of the temple, at the same time using brute force (twisting arms, hitting on the head, back) threw on .Stephen and the believers from the ladder to the ground.”

The question arises why the police allowed the representative of the ptsu to the entrance of the temple, if this day worship at 8:30 was to the community of the UOC, has shared in the Ternopil diocese. Moreover, the chief OP GNU Zbarazh, in the Ternopil region knew about the schedule of divine services.

Thus, the police initially divided the community, subsequently made (or inadvertently, or deliberately) the clash of two communities, and then they themselves, the police applied brute force to the believers and the Primate of the UOC.

Denied in Ternopil diocese and the statements of the speaker of the National police that the incident has not been employees of special purpose units.

That in place of the conflict, these employees still were, according to markings – inscriptions on the Chevron prints on the hats and also the color of the shape officers present, drew attention in the diocese.

“In blue was the police “OP GUNP Zbarazh of Ternopil region”, in black – “Special police with GUNP Ternopil region”. Perhaps the speaker of the national police wasn’t paying attention when I watched the video, or don’t know insignia of the special police unit?”, – concluded the representatives of the diocese of Ternopil.

3 February 2019 in the village of Ternopil region Hnizdychne radicals with the police beat up the rector of Holy Transfiguration Church and his parishioners.

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