In the U.S., the Satanists installed the statue in state government next to the Christmas tree


The state of Illinois has given the organization the “Satanic temple” to install the statue in with the local hall of the Capitol, between the Christmas tree and Jewish menorah. This is reported by “Mail news” referring to TV channel Fox 2.

The sculpture depicts a woman’s hand holding an Apple. Hand entwining snake. From the bottom of the statue is highlighted in red, and the inscription on the pedestal reads “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.” The purpose of her installation “the Satanic temple” in Chicago calls the “support of benevolence and empathy among all people”.

According to the representative of the state government Dave Druker, Satanists have the same right to the decoration of the Capitol, like any other religious group. He stressed that the authorities have no right to put the holiday decorations censorship, as the hall — public space and the state does not pay for the preparations for the holidays.

The Illinois state Capitol in Springfield — the historic building which houses the office of the state Governor and the Illinois General Assembly.

“The satanic temple” — a religious-political organization that uses satanic symbols in the struggle for equality, social justice and freedom of religion. According to its members, they do not actually worship the devil. In August 2018 and its representatives in Arkansas demanded to install a statue of the demon Baphomet on the square next to the state Capitol.

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