In the U.S., the Satanists sued the film companies $50 million for use of their image

Frame from the series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina”

The film company promised to mention us Satanists in the credits as the creators of the statue of Baphomet, which appears in the Netflix series.

The American organization “the Satanic temple” has won in litigation against Netflix and Warner Bros, which, according to Satanists, illegal use of invented symbol of Baphomet. About it reports The Guardian.

In late October, Netflix began the series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” in one of the episodes of which there is a statue depicting Satan in the form of Baphomet and two children on the sides.

In the end, the agreement with Warner Bros and Netflix has been achieved – the creators of the series will not only pay compensation, but will note the authorship of the “Satanic temple” in the credits already filmed episodes of the series.

Earlier, the members of this organization had filed a lawsuit against Arkansas, claiming that the authorities erected a monument to the Ten Commandments is discriminatory. Instead of tablets of Satanists have proposed to establish a monument – a statue of Baphomet. While activists from the organization “the Satanic temple” to emphasize that use occult symbolism in the struggle for religious pluralism and perceive Satan as a “literary image”.

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