In the United States Catholic monks arrested for protesting against abortion

The arrest of monks-Franciscans, who opposed abortion

During the campaign, which was conducted by the arrested monks, one couple left the abortion clinic.

In Trenton (new Jersey, USA) last week, U.S. law enforcement authorities arrested the Franciscan monks of the revivalists who carried out the action against abortions at abortion clinic, family planning, said “uCatholic”.

Catholic monks handed out to patients of the clinic phone numbers of local centers for the care of pregnant women and gave everyone present a red roses.

“New life, albeit tiny, promises unique joy,” wrote the Franciscans on the cards that are attached to each flower.

During the campaign, one couple who chose to have an abortion, stood up and left the hospital.

“It was a victory for us that they left. They applied for an abortion… We were really excited about it. If we didn’t go and this pair didn’t speak, this child probably would have died,” – shared the joy of the monks.

4 participants of the action refused to leave when he arrived at the hospital by the police.

“We can’t leave. Innocent unborn children be put to death, and we decided to stay with them,” they explained their decision.

The monks who remained in hospital were arrested.

Pope Francis compared abortion with the assassinations and the crimes of the Nazis.

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