Parents of American students decided that they had no more strength to endure the sexualization of their children. And they call to abandon visual programs “sex Education” in public schools.

Elizabeth Johnston, the famous mom-activist, together with mothers from North Carolina and other States are joining forces to fight against what it called “blatant lessons of sexuality” for students of public schools.

On April 23, they held a protest “Boycott sex education” events in USA, Canada and Australia.

In an interview before the rally “CBN News” Johnstone said: “We are asking parents across the country and even around the world not to allow their children to secondary school on April 23. We have a letter that they can send to their school principal, explaining the reason why we protest against flexible gender sex education in schools, the lessons of which are used illustration”, she continued.

After Johnston added: “To our attention as mothers was informed that the parents experience grief and are more concerned about the visual nature of sex education. It involve even younger students from primary school”.

In 2017, parents of kindergarten students at the school, “Rocklin Academy Gateway” (Rocklin, CA, USA) were extremely outraged that the teacher made a “transition ceremony” in the class for 5-year-old boy, anyone about it without telling. The teacher conducted a lesson about transgenderism, because his disciple, as a boy, decided to change gender.

A few years ago in Fairfax County, Virginia, was introduced curriculum on gender identity.

Johnston added: “at the expense of taxpayers, kids in the classroom learn how to engage in anal and oral sex with each other. We are fed up! We’ve had enough! We are not going to let these social Marxists to sexualize our children at the taxpayers ‘money in school hours”.

Recently, the “CBN News” reported that the educational program of radical sex education pushed by LGBT advocates in the public schools of Canada.

This course is called “Sexual orientation and gender identity,” or SOGI. The training program public school students across Canada learn about the homosexual lifestyle and that gender is a relative concept. In other words, your gender does not depend on what body parts you were born, but what you feel at the moment.

Johnston says that if people can go on tougher gun control, the parents should go to protect the chastity of their children.
“We send our children to school to learn to read and write, studied science and history, but not how to question, “am I a boy or a girl”, and, of course, didn’t listen about anal and oral sex, she said. We want parents who have been in the dark finally awoke against the ugly reality of what is happening in the public schools.”


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