In the US, the Jew sued the former employer of $1.25 000 000 for anti-Semitism

Brandon Jacobs, the victim of anti-Semitism, won in court

The American has received monetary compensation for anti-Semitic insults at work.

American Jew Brandon Jacobs sued $1,25 000 000 for anti-Semitic insults from his former employer, according to “Jewish news”.

As stated by Jacobs, colleagues daily insulted him, mentioning his Jewish origin. On his desktop he has found Nazi symbols, and one staff said that he’d approached the tattooed numbers on his arm.

As a result of such offense, he constantly experienced the stress that caused considerable damage and led to the dismissal. After several years of litigation, the municipal authority of the Township of wall, new Jersey, has awarded Brandon Jacobs monetary compensation for damages in the amount of one million dollars.

In June 2018, UNESCO has produced a training manual on combating anti-Semitism.

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