In the US the priest was deprived of the post for the exorcism on the LGBT flag

Over the flag, said a prayer for exorcism

Despite the warnings of the diocesan leadership, the priest decided to destroy the symbol of the LGBT community.

Chicago Catholic pastor Paul Kalchik was dismissed as head of the town’s Church after he burned the flag of the LGBT community. About it reports NBC News.

As channel said the priest, a symbol was placed in the temple, so he spent the procedure of burning in a private setting so as not to cause anger on the part of LGBT people to address the members of the Church. “It is our right to destroy it [the flag], we did it in solitude, because the diocese breathing down our necks,” said the pastor. According to him, he and the parishioners burned the painting, reading actorsandcrew prayer.

“We cut it [the flag] into seven parts, and burned one by one in the pot that we use during the Easter services,” said kalchik. In an interview, he said he did not consider himself a homophobe, and “is as much a hater of homosexuals like Mother Teresa”.

Earlier in Odessa, the priest blessed the city after the LGBT March.

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