In the Valaam monastery celebrated the 150th anniversary of the consecration of Elias monastery

Worship in Elincom the skete on Valaam

A day of celebration for the pilgrims organized a special flight.

August 2, the feast day of St. Elijah the prophet of God, in the Holy Transfiguration Valaam monastery took place on the feast day of Elias monastery the monastery and the celebration of the 150 th anniversary of his consecration, the website of the monastery.

In this day the divine Liturgy in the monastery was headed by the vicar of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, Archbishop of Sergiev Posad Feognost, co-served by Abbot Bishop Troickogo Pancras and the monks in Holy orders.

In Elias skete resides a few inhabitants. The pilgrimage group visited Ilyinsky skete only with the blessing of Abbot of the monastery Bishop Trinity Pancras, but the occasion was organized a special flight for pilgrims.

Ilyinsky skete is located 10 km from Valamo monastery on the island Lambos included in the group Biondich Islands. There is a mention of the fact that already in the XVIII century the island was a chapel. In the XIX century there lived several monks.

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