In the village of Onyshkivtsi on the source of St. Anne was consecrated the new baths

The consecration of the baths on the source of the Holy Anna

The consecration was made vicar of the diocese of Rivne, Dubno Bishop Pimen.

On 18 January, the Eve of Epiphany on the source of St. Anne in the village of Onyshkivtsi (Rivne region) consecrated water, as well as three new baths, which was built specially for the pilgrims coming here from different parts of Ukraine. About it the correspondent of the SPM. The consecration was led by Bishop Pimen Dubenskiy.

For several years in media spread rumors about the drying up of the sacred source in Onyshkivtsi. This year a few days before Epiphany in the local press, a number of not truthful publications, which are eloquently described as” Moscow the nuns,” erecting a new Church, let the water to flow to the source. However, mother, these publications do not pay attention, and work for God and care about landscaping your skit.

“It is true that the third year in a row, the water level of the source decreased significantly, says sister Rachel, a nun of the monastery of Holy righteous Anna, but the source has not dried up enough water in order to get along and to reverently plunge. This year we took care of the pilgrims and built baths, they will be warm and cozy to take, even in a hard frost”.

18 January, Epiphany eve to the source of St. Anne, monument to Bishop Pimen Liturgy. After the Bishop blessed the water and the newly built baths. Sisters released white doves into the sky, and the children’s choir welcomed all the pilgrims ringing Christmas carols.

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