In the village of Ostrava the congregation declined after the Abbot to go to ptsu

Community of St. Barbara Church in the village of Ostrinia she initiated a parish meeting after attempts to translate the Abbot parish in ptsu

Orthodox villagers from Ostrava decided to remain faithful to the canonical Church.

28 Jan 2019 community of St. Barbara Church in village of Ostrava organized a parish meeting where he refused to go to the DNC, announced in Facebook a cleric of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church father Alexander Cherevko.

According to the priest, the believers decided to hold the vote after the rector of the Church attempted unauthorized transfer of the community under the jurisdiction of new Church structures.

“The priests, headed by the Dean of the Shatsky district thank parishioners for hardness and durability in the faith” – shared Alexander’s father.

Believers Kherson, Odessa, Severodonetsk, Ovruch and Baltic dioceses also expressed loyalty to the UOC and support to his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry.

At the same time, nationalist forces continued “to provoditi educational conversations” with members of the canonical Church and compel them to go to ptsu.

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