In the village of Shelkovskaya (Chechnya) inaugurated the new Church of St. Barbara


September 22, 2018 in the village of Shelkovskaya (Chechnya) took place solemn opening of a new Orthodox temple in honor of St. Barbara. This year the village celebrates 300-year anniversary, according to patriarhiei.

In the festive opening ceremony of the temple complex, which also includes the house of the father superior and the refectory, was attended by the Archbishop of Makhachkala and Grozny Varlaam, the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov; the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in NCFD Alexander Matovnikov; Minister for the North Caucasus Sergey Chebotarev, assistant to the head of the Chechen Republic, first Deputy head of Regardie in the Czech Republic Daniel Martynov, the head of MO “Shelkovskaya district” CHR Hamid Hajiyev, President of the National Association of entrepreneurs, and philanthropist Timofey Kurgin; members of the media, the public, the clergy.

Congratulating the residents of Shelkovskaya, Daniil Martynov said that the temple was erected in the shortest possible time — less than six months, and thanked all who participated in the construction of the house of God.

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov congratulated the countrymen on the opening of a new temple and wished that here in the spirit of Christian morals educate the younger generation of believers that will actively participate in the life of his native country.

Kadyrov was awarded the medal “For merits before the Chechen Republic” patron Timothy Kulina and the number of individuals actively contributing to the construction of the temple.

Guests and participants were welcomed by the Plenipotentiary of RF President in NCFD Alexander Matovnikov.

“In the village of Shelkovskaya 80 years ago acted in the Church of St. Barbara, and today is a historic justice prevails. On the shores of beautiful lake opened Orthodox Church, located in front of her mosque — it is said that on the territory of the Chechen Republic of mutual respect between religions is maintained at a very high level,” — said the envoy.

The head of the Czech Republic, Archbishop of Barlaam and all the Orthodox residents of Chechnya with the opening of the temple in Shelkovskaya also congratulated the Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Sergey Chebotarev.

The guests and participants of the event welcomed Bishop Varlaam.

“At the time the first President of the Chechen Republic Akhmad Kadyrov expressed a very important point: no need to fight, it is important to defeat the evil that is within man, and God will arrange everything else. And today we see his words come true in fact” — said, in particular, the hierarchy.

“We can see how much is built mosques and temples, what kind of work undertaken by the head of the region, we see that for the most important in the lives of people all conditions. Ramzan Akhmatovich a lot of attention to young people, making sure that she was on the right track, and this is very important nowadays, because young people are our future,” continued Archbishop Varlaam.

“Our grandfathers and great grandfathers stood shoulder to shoulder to defend the Motherland, regardless of nationality or faith, all were brothers. We continue to be brothers, and no one can divide us, as evidenced by today’s event — opening of an Orthodox Church in the village of Shelkovskaya,” concluded the Archbishop.

Also the diocesan Bishop gave the congregation the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, to whom he had rendered yesterday in the capital.

Hierarchal certificates were awarded to the assistant to the head of the Czech Republic Daniel Martynov, Minister of construction and housing and communal services of the Czech Republic Muslim Zaipulaev, patrons Timofey Kurgin, Alexei Grigoriev and Dmitry Ananiev.

Words of congratulation were pronounced by the head of the Shelkovsky district Hamid Hajiyev.

Philanthropist Timofey Kurgin thanked all who relates to the creation of a new Church, and personally Ramzan Kadyrov for the invitation to participate in such a Grand construction.

The honorary right to cut the red tape was given to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, presidential envoy in skfo Alexander Matovnikov, Minister of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus Sergey Chebotarev and Archbishop Varlaam.

Under motet participants of the ceremony included the new Church, after which Daniel Martynov held for the guests of honor a tour.

In conclusion, a festal meal was held, reports the website of the Makhachkala diocese.

The new Church of St. Barbara in the village of Shelkovskaya for 200 parishioners. The height of its dome part is greater than 20 m, the total building area of 1.5 hectares. the Complex includes the Church, parish school, the refectory and the priest’s house. Among the shrines of the temple — Shrine with the relics of great Martyr Barbara.

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