In the village. Stryzhavka translate temple in ptsu. Parishioners are asked to support

Intercession Church in the village. Stryzhavka

Members of the community of the Svyato-Pokrovsky Church in the village. Stryzhavka, Vinnytsia diocese, the Abbot of which went to the DNC, asking for prayer support.

The parishioners of Holy protection Church in the village. Stryzhavka, Vinnytsia diocese, ready 30 Dec prayer to defend your temple from the translation in the split. About this Facebook said one of the members of the community.

The rector of the Church, former Dean of the Vinnytsia district deanery Archimandrite Dorotheus (Markevich) together with Metropolitan Simeon was attended by 15 December at the “unification Council” and then decided to go to the schismatic structure of the PCU. Dorotheus also decided to transfer in the PCU the churches in which he served, in particular, the Holy virgin Church in the village. Stryzhavka.

“We Strigankova parishioners of the Holy protection Church I appeal to You for prayer support!!! As our former priest, Archimandrite Dorotheus, without consulting his flock, went into the local Church”, – is spoken in the message of the parishioners of the temple of Sergey Figola.

Also, believers are warned about possible provocations, which predict the presence of the village head and deputies and the military.

We will remind, earlier the head of the ATO members in the Vinnytsia regional state administration Andrey Grachev has published in social networks direct threats addressed to the clergy and laity of the town. Stryzhavka, calling them “lovers of the Russian world” and stating: “Ukraine and the faith will be punished severely”.

There were also reports that the Vinnytsia regional state administration sends to the parishes in the area of application of the transition of the religious communities of the UOC churches in ptsu.


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