In the Vladikavkaz diocese is a monument of Archimandrite Ippolit (Halina)


The blessing of the Archbishop of Vladikavkaz and Alania Leonid 18 July in Vladikavkaz diocese will be a monument to the Athonite elder, the Abbot of Rila Saint-Nikolaev monastery Archimandrite Ippolit (Halina, 1928-2002), reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media. This year has been 90 years since his birth.

Elder Hippolytus is called the modern Apostle of Alanya. He was never in Ossetia, but your kindness and love saved thousands of our compatriots in the difficult years at the turn of XX–XXI centuries. The pupil of the elders Glinsky desert, tonsured Pskov-caves monastery, father Hippolyte 17 years was the economy of the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon on Holy Mount Athos. Returning to his native Kursk land, he devoted his life to helping the needy. It drove him with spiritual and physical ailments, sorrows and joys, he was comforting everyone.

Father Hippolyte rose from the ruins of the monastery of St. Nicholas in the city of Rylsk. There from different parts of the country and abroad to the elder stretched the flow of pilgrims. Through the prayers of Abba Rylsky many people had faith, got healed of incurable illnesses. Having the obedience to pray for the Holy land in Alanya, he blessed the construction of the Alanian monastery of the Holy Dormition men’s and women’s Epiphany. The first Ossetian monks over the past century are the spiritual children of Archimandrite Ippolit, including the abbess of the Epiphany Alan women’s monastery abbess Nonna (Bagaeva). On the territory of the Epiphany convent in the day of the patronal feast of the Holy martyrs Grand Princess Elisabeth and nun Varvara will be solemnly consecrated the monument “the kindest father on earth,” as it was called elder Hippolytus Archimandrite Kirill (Pavlov).

Established in Moscow a Society of devotees to the memory of Archimandrite Ippolit (Halina) also took the initiative creating the monument to the national elder and Wonderworker in the city of Rylsk, Kursk region, near the Saint-Nikolaev monastery, which became the last of his exploits and rest.

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