In the Vologda region restored the Church of the Epiphany


In the village Paltoga Vologda region restored the Church of the Epiphany, informs television channel “Culture”. A wooden Church built in 1733, is recognized an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance.

Work at high altitude have little domes of ancient churches. Carpenters completed the restoration of the roof. Set the crate, cover it with bark, and the top is covered with small wooden plates, shingles.

The ploughshare of gold sparkles in the sun, later the aspen change color and become silvery. Only one Central Chapter – almost 1 500 of these boards. Doing them manually on old technology.

In the early nineteenth century, the Church wanted to make out in connection with the construction of a new stone. But the parishioners were not allowed to do.

The history of restoration is also complicated. At the end of the last century in the Church of the Epiphany conducted a reconstruction of the cupolas. But workers have forgotten to dismantle the forest. Under the onslaught of new designs of frame failed. In 2009, the top part of the temple collapsed. The monument was handed over to the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-reserve. Money for the restoration was allocated by the Federation. Since 2010, the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum-reserve together with the contractors engaged in the restoration. Church restored by full bulkheads, then it is dismantled, and then rebuilt as a designer.

“We used historic photographs by Prokudin-Gorsky. We watched the elevation, compared the project and the historic photo below, we went on the heights,” explained the architect-restorer Anton Myakishev.

In Portage employs a team of experienced professionals. In the struggle to preserve history, they do not miss a single detail.

Wooden Church in Portage is unique. Its architecture is inspired by the school of ancient building tradition. It refers to the type of tiered temples. Roofing works are nearing completion. Then designed a plan to restore the interior decoration of the Church.

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