In the Vvedensky monastery of Optina said main feast day


4 December 2018 at the stauropegial Vvedensky Optina monastery patronal feast, reports the Synodal Department for monasteries and monasticism.

The main Cathedral of the monastery was consecrated in honor of the feast of the presentation in the temple of the most Holy lady Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary.


The day before and the day of the feast in the abode of solemn worship, which was led by the monastery’s Deputy Abbot Bishop of Mozhaisk, Leonid, assisted by the brethren of the monastery in Holy orders and at the confluence of a large number of pilgrims.

During the divine Liturgy His Eminence for the blessing of the father superior of Optina Hermitage of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill was ordained a monk of the monastery of the monk Anastasius (Golubev) Hierodeacon.


Quick reference

In the Optina monastery 8 temples, each altar and chapel which is dedicated to a specific Church event or a Saint. During the year repeatedly the brethren, and the praying meet the patronal feasts. The feast day of Vvedensky Cathedral of the monastery, originally the main Church of Optina, is considered special. The significance of this event is reflected in the very name of the monastery – Vvedensky stavropegic monastery of Optina.

In Vvedensky Cathedral of the relics of venerable. elder Ambrose of Optina and the PDP. the Optina elder Nektarios.

Earlier in the place of the Cathedral there is an old wooden Church, which was dismantled in 1689, in the years 1750-1771 was built a stone Cathedral. After the return of the monastery Church the Cathedral of the presentation was the first restored and consecrated in 1988

In the Cathedral take place daily midnight, early Liturgy, panikhida, a prayer service with the akathist to venerable. Ambrose.

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