“In the world Dormition thou didst not forsake,” as the pain and humility brought Her fame

Stretched out from the abyss of grief and despair hand never go unnoticed, whatever the abyss. Because with us, the Hope of all the hopeless, Joy rejoicing, earthly heavenly Man – the virgin. One that has a special concern for each of us.

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  • The transformation of death at the assumption
  • Assumption vs death

So death becomes an Assumption

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Assumption is a wonderful, quiet and bright Holiday. It is also called Theotokos Easter. And by the way, really, the analogy with the Feast of feasts, the Resurrection of the Son of God, it is very easy to trace, ranging from strict fasting prior to the assumption, and ending with even liturgical nuances, among which the service of the Burial of the Mother of God is very similar to Matins of Holy Saturday, where I remember the burial of the Savior and the world is like it freezes somewhere on the border between sorrow and great joy of celebration of victory over death.

So here is a celebration of repeats. The difference is probably only in the fact that in the Passover of Christ, we see not just the victory over death, and the brokenness of it, the destruction of the ancient shackles of centuries of captivity, deliverance, the Divine intervention in the pain of a long separation between man and God, the return of the old Adam out of the darkness who loudly and joyfully sings of the earthly Church.

And here death itself loses loses its name, its the certainty, the suddenness of it before earthly man, becoming like a trait for which this life is full of sorrow and humility, the marks of the great and ineffable glory.

So death becomes the Assumption, of earthly corruption, the inevitable and bitter, raises a Daughter of earthly parents to the glory of the higher angels, as if pointing, Yes, the man is the crown and end of Creation, it was he who in his creation has the opportunity of creation of the creature to enter the great miracle of adoption through divine love and grace to find the name of the daughter or son that has not been and will not be given to anyone, even to angels.

Very accurate once said, Archimandrite John (krestiankin) in one of his sermons: “It is at the time of Its assumption of the blessed among women the mother of God heavenly Father has blessed as the Daughter, the Son of God as Mother and the Holy Spirit as a Bride Nenavistyu every blessing…”

Death is not like a thief in the night

Tradition tells us that the Exodus from the earthly life of the virgin is informed by the Archangel Gabriel. As once before, the messenger of heaven comes to God’s Mother, telling Her that completed Her earthly path, the path of sorrow and suffering that coveted close to Her heart encounter with The one She encircled the infant in linen clothes, laid in a manger, Whom She, many years later, mourned entwined in misery on the Cross, humbly planted in His soul through all his life the prophecy of the righteous Simeon.

Death is not like a thief in the night, but becomes a mysterious permission from the bondage of corruptible seed, passed from Adam to all mankind and now She looks like a man, what never happened before, meets her just as waiting and meets ordinary people sleep and repose from hard and long day. Like a dream which will bring with it the dawn of a new, bright and joyful day, a new day, a great life.

At the bedside of the virgin Mary, according to Legend, miraculously gather all Christ’s disciples, except one, Thomas. Parting with The one they were all adopted on the Cross the Savior Himself, of course, saddens them, but knowledge about where and to Whom ascend the virgin, inspires and strengthens the apostles and disciples. So they become witnesses of the great miracle of the Descent of the son of God on earth, into the chamber where reposed the virgin Mary, for taking the Holy and pure soul to His Mother in the heavenly abode.

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And only one of the students, perhaps by special Providence of God, is present. Thomas had to see and witness another great miracle is the Resurrection of the Mother of God in the flesh. Arriving at the tomb of the virgin, the disciples with the Apostle Thomas, who wished to mourn the death of the most pure Her coffin, I do not find Her body, and the rest on the stone funerary shroud are testimony to the bodily resurrection of the Mother of God.

The pain and humility brought Her fame

And Yes, the Resurrection of Christ is victory over death. It is the victory of the God-man, the son of God over the corruption and sin that has not been given to any of mortals, took upon Himself before the ages begotten of the Father, but perhaps it was only in His virgin Birth, in His incarnation. Only Became man, accepting suffering and death in the flesh, made of immortal human flesh, freeing her from the fall of the first people.

But the Dormition of the Mother of God became a type of the coming and candogo us Christians, the resurrection of all mortals, born of father and mother. It shows that, even when taken by death, the human body will not remain on earth, will not go into oblivion, but in the last day resurrection. Because of that, the bodily resurrection of the Mother of God and our hope, and our knowledge of that meeting with the impending death is not the end, not the disintegration and final death, but the mysterious deliverance from the bondage of earthly and temporal.

And if now we in this life are so different, sarcastic, sophisticated, sincere, seeking, if we are able to change, to overcome, and perhaps, on the contrary, to fall, to get tired, but all the same – it is to change, the future resurrection of man is the result of all that we could do for his Eternity in time.

As the resurrection of the Mother of God – great and glorious Her ascent to the heavenly city is the result of all Her quiet but extraordinary, beautiful in the purity and righteousness of life on earth, life, through which was sharp and terrible pain.

But death has discovered the Life, and the pain and humility brought Her fame and gave great power to bear care of those She left in her Assumption. About all of us, alive or gone, found and lost, rejoicing and grieving. The way that It passed through the shadow of the valley of death, It continues with us in this strange game of life on earth.

We see decay, but even more crave a new spring

A year ago it was on the assumption I learned that the boy I was baptized in the infectious diseases hospital, which is almost a month was in a deep coma and hope for his salvation was almost not there, slowly began to return to life. Came the first glimmerings of positive dynamics. The next day he turned one year. A few months later he will be discharged from the hospital. And this was the day of the Burial of the Mother of God.

I’m still surprised at what endurance and strength, showed his father, the only family did not leave hope. And now I know what it is with this hope left in Your Assumption It is. How and why – I do not know. But it does not matter. What matters is that stretched out from the abyss of grief and despair hand never go unnoticed, whatever the abyss. Because with us, the Hope of all the hopeless, Joy rejoicing, earthly heavenly Man – the virgin. One that has a special concern for each of us.

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It would be strange to think that Christ can’t hear us, that we turn to Him through someone else. This is not so. Hear. And hear every minute. But sometimes we in the “free flight” lose the ability and desire to seek Him and ask about something. And then melt the petrified heart comes Mother.

Believer or unbeliever, but the image of the mother, probably, many of us remains the bright. And once the image ascends to its Prototype.

And yet the assumption is the end of the year. Not only the Church and when and the calendar. Apparently, this is the end logic is still more than the current zero time in the middle of winter. The light of summer does not go away and remains with us, and we hope that all the cold and frost one day will be finished. We see decay, but even more crave a new spring. Spring is different.

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