In the Zaporozhye diocese conducted the oath of office for new members of the Cossack communities

New members of the Cossack community in Zaporizhia

Cossack oath in the temple in honor of icon of mother of God “Support to the humble”.

In energizercom the temple of the UOC in honour of the icon of the Mother of God “Support to the humble” held Cossack Oath for new students in the Cossack community, the website of the diocese of the UOC.

The ceremony was performed by the Dean, Archpriest Vladimir Ivanenko and Supreme ataman of the troops Zhukov Sergey.

New members troops MSK “international Union of Cossacks of the Zaporozhian host them. Chieftain Bliznyuk” gave the word to serve faithfully the Ukrainian people, Cossacks, and the Orthodox Church.

Father Vladimir recalled that the Orthodox Cossack Oath is an oath. And violated the oath will be like Judas.

Earlier Kiev offered prayers for the dead Cossacks.

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