In the Zaporozhye diocese will build the temple at the source of the Apostle Andrew

The temple in honor of St. Andrew was consecrated by Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye

The construction of the temple on Bald mountain was consecrated Metropolitan of Zaporizhia Bow.

The temple at the spring in honor of the Apostle Andrew is erected in the village lysogorka in Zaporizhia region. On July 14, the Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka made at the construction site of a prayer service, according to “Orthodox life.”

“In the village lysogorka is the famous Bald mountain, where, according to tradition, the Holy Apostle Andrew dug a well from which to drink the healing water. Locals believe that this water has miraculous powers. Near the source many years ago, was a monastery which in the years of persecution were destroyed by the godless authorities. By the grace of God soon this place will begin construction of a temple”, – said in the message.

According to Metropolitan Luke, the construction of the Andrew’s Church will affirm the Orthodox faith in the region.

“Our brothers-the Cossacks at the time, settled near this spring and lived out her days recovering from wounds received during his military campaigns. Received healing and many other diseases. In other words, in modern language, it was a rehabilitation center, who helped to restore power. Keeping our tradition, restoring these historical places, we retain our unity, which is transmitted to us by the Apostle Andrew, after Prince Vladimir and our brothers Cossacks. Today, persuades us that only through the preservation of our common historical memory and traditions of our legendary ancestors, we can speak of national identity and the preservation of our cultural identity,” said Bishop after the service.

The Bishop noted the efforts of all active participants in the revival of the ancient monastery and the source of St. Andrew.

The village Lysogorka originated in 1930, earlier these lands were in the possession of General Kamensky, commander of the order of Saint Apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo. Healing spring is located on the banks of the river, easily reachable from any point of the village.

Previously a source of healing we decided to equip in the Dnepropetrovsk diocese.

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