In Transbaikalia the Church gives out food and household kits to the victims of the flood

In the social Department of the diocese of Nerchinsk give humanitarian aid

According to EMERCOM of Russia, July 16, 2018, there are signs of stabilization of the situation with natural flood in Transbaikalia. However, the work on elimination of its consequences yet. Nerchinsk diocese actively helps victims of the flood: will grocery and hardware sets, as well as delivers help to those people who can’t get to the points of delivery of interventions, according to patriarhiei.

“The funds received from the Synodal Department for charity, was purchased 125 food sets and 50 sets from household detergents, — said the head of the social Department of the diocese Svetlana Tyshkevich. — Furthermore, the same money was formed 35 children packages, including biscuits, juice, purees, and baby food”.

We will remind, on July 11 of the Synodal Department for Church charity and social service transferred 146 thousand rubles at the expense of Nerchinsk diocese to help flood victims. The next day, July 12, the diocesan social Department began to distribute food parcels to people in need to people. One set included cereals, pasta, vegetable oil, canned fish and meat, milk, drinking water.

On 14 July, by the end of the third day the distribution of charitable aid, food packages were provided 255 families. In addition, 23 families received sets of baby food and diapers, and children older than two years got soft toys. The total number of beneficiaries has exceeded 1,500 people, reported on the page of social division.

On July 16 the work continued. By 12 noon in the social Department of the diocese of Nerchinsk was issued 23 business set. This includes candles, matches, toilet soap and Laundry soap, dishwashing detergent, scouring powder, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

On the same day, about 500 people received assistance things, the collection of which was organized in the parishes, said the head of the diocesan social Department. “Today we plan to drive around those pensioners who are at home and are unable to get to us. From them have already received at least 20 orders for sets of food and household chemicals”, — shared his plans Svetlana Tyshkevich.

As of morning July 16, in Transbaikalia there is a strong stabilization of the flood situation. “The water out of the 558 homes, more than 1,000 home gardens, about 28 adjoining areas, 312 suburban areas. 173 remain flooded residential houses, more than 700 household plots, more than 2 thousand suburban areas,” — said the Deputy head of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on Transbaikalian edge Evgenie Vologdin.

Of the victims involved not only the Church. To help connect the residents of the Shilka, Chita. Actively help the volunteers of the Chita branch of the SBI, “Union of volunteers of Russia”, representatives of private business.

On the morning of 16 July, the Governor of Transbaikalian edge Natalya Zhdanova has signed the order about formation of mobile teams of specialists to travel to towns of Nerchinsk, Candlemas, Tungokochenskogo, Chita, Shilkinskaya district and also to work in the city of Chita. “Mobile group created to help victims of flooding to inhabitants in solving various issues arising in disaster management — preparation of package of documents for receiving compensations, the solution of domestic problems, emerging challenges”, — is reported on the official website of Zabaykalsky Krai.

The city of Shilka was among the most affected by natural flood water. To eliminate the main negative consequences of the floods yet. “Now the residents are put in order, washed their homes. In the underground standing water, some of it has not yet left the gardens. People assess the damage and terrified — the crop is lost completely. Potatoes, sprouts carrots simply washed away by the flood,” — said Svetlana Tyshkevich.

To help transbaikalians, you can transfer funds to the account of the Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in chilka, indicating the payment purpose: “to Help flood victims”. Also donations to help the victims adopts the Public organization “TRANS-Baikal, the children’s aid society”. To help, you can send an SMS to the short number 7715 with the word “SHILKA” gap amount. For example, SHILKA 300.

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