In Tulchinskiy diocese, has consecrated the Church of the icon of the Mother of God “the inexhaustible Chalice”

The congregation of the new temple

The construction of the Church on the basis of the old distillery of the NINETEENTH century lasted for about 7 years.

22 December 2018 in the village Alekseevka, in Vinnytsia region the temple was consecrated in honor of the mother of God “inexhaustible Cup”, said Tulchinskaya diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Facebook.

The new Church was consecrated Metropolitan of Tulchin and Bratslav Jonathan.

The Church in honor of icon of Mother of God “the inexhaustible Chalice” on the basis of the old distillery was erected by FR Paul Petlevoy and the community of the future temple, according to the portal “Orthodox life”.

The congregation for about 7 years was engaged in the construction of the Church and refectory, and also arrangement of flower beds, gardens and orchards.

The old distillery on the site which appeared Orthodox Church in the 1890-ies built in the village of count Konstantin Potocki. After the October revolution in her building was the one opened the warehouse, the club, the shop or storeroom, the barn and the stables. There’s even arranged a garage for the fire truck and residential apartments.

According to locals, this place was already all “in addition to the cosmodrome”.

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