In Tver have passed celebrations on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the feat of the Holy Prince Michael of Tver


1-5 December 2018, Tver hosted festive events in honor of the 700th anniversary of the feat of the Holy Prince Michael of Tver and the 650 anniversary of the death of his wife, Princess Anna of Kashin, reports patriarhiei.

December 1 on the basis of sports complex. Sultan ahmerova was held the IV Festival of martial arts for the Cup of the Holy Prince Mikhail of Tver among the Orthodox Patriotic clubs and other Patriotic organizations, which was attended by 153 sportsmen from 12 teams. This year the competition was dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the Saint’s death. The opening ceremony was delivered to the relics of St. blgv. kN. Michael Of Tver. Priest Kirill Alekseyev made a prayer for the success of every good business, after which all participants were able to venerate the Shrine.

December 2 in the library. A. Herzen of the regional capital have been “Michael’s reading.” A report on “the Holy Prince Mikhail of Tver, as an ideal of Russian Holiness” was made by the Chairman of the missionary Department of the Tver diocese Archpriest Alexander Shabanov. The report “Tver princes-martyrs Michael, Dmitry, Fyodor, and Alexander” was presented by the Abbot of the Church SV. Nikita Goths Archpriest George Belogurov. The audience actively participated in the discussion on the veneration of the saints princes of Tver and of their place in historical and hagiographic heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church.

December 5, the commemoration day of the Holy Prince Michael of Tver, the divine Liturgy in the restored Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was headed by the Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Savva, co-served by Bishop Rzhev and toropetskiy Hadrian, Bishop of Bezhetsk and Vesegonsk Filaret, Bishop of Shchigry and Manturovo Paisii, the clergy of the Tver eparchy. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral was founded in 1285 Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver and the first Bishop Simeon. The relics of the patron Saint of the Tver land rested in the temple for a long time, until in the 1930-ies it was not destroyed.

In the temple worship were brought to the ark with the relics of Holy Nobleborn Prince Michael of Tver, who on 4 December, the feast of the presentation in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary, Tver clergy conveyed to his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill during the festive divine services in the assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

At the Liturgy prayed the Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya and members of the regional government. After the festive service, the Governor donated the construction of the Cathedral of the icon of Theotokos “the Sign” Kursk-Root and the Eucharistic set. “Today we are all joined by love for the land of Tver, respect for its history and culture. Transfiguration Cathedral has always been the soul of Tver, so it’s important that today there is a spiritual revival of the Tver region, our traditional values”, — said Igor Rudenya.

One of the Central events in the day was the ceremony of renaming the Soviet area in the area of Michael of Tver. The meeting was attended by Plenipotentiary representative of the RF President in the Central Federal district Igor Shchegolev, the Governor Igor Rudenya, Chairman of Legislative Assembly of region Sergey Golubev, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Veremeenko, clergy, veterans, heads of municipal formations of the region, and other distinguished guests.

“In recent years we are increasingly talking about the brightest names in the history of our country and many of them open again. The feat of Mikhail Yaroslavich remember our ancestors for many centuries. Not by chance in the seventeenth century he was canonized and then for many years was the all-Russian saints. Returning to the tradition of honoring of Mikhail of Tver, we create a new tradition: now his name will carry the Central square of your wonderful city,” — said Igor Shchegolev.

“In the history of Tver and the Tver land across a lot of names that give us reason to be proud of the history of the city and our region. Many of them are immortalized in the names of streets and squares. Today, the day of the 700th anniversary of the spiritual exploit of our patron Saint, we stand in the square which bears the name of a great warrior. Now in Tver restored the spiritual symbol of the Tver region — the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral”, — said Igor Rudenya.

Metropolitan Sawa made in front of the monument to Mikhail of Tver, the prayer, the guests of the ceremony laid flowers at the monument. The Tver re-enactors presented a theatrical performance “700 years-spiritual heroism of Michael of Tver”.

The square got the name of Mikhail of Tver, but also gained a new look. The celebrations were timed to coincide with the switching on of the region’s first television tower, located in the Central square of Tver.

In the regional art gallery in the building of the Tver Imperial Palace opened the exhibition “the House of the Holy Saviour”, dedicated to the history of restoring the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. The first visitors were the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in Central Federal district Igor Shchegolev, the Governor Igor Rudenya, Chairman of Legislative Assembly of region Sergey Golubev, chief Federal inspector for Tver region Igor Zhukov, the Deputy of the State Duma Sergey Veremeenko, the Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Sawa.

The exhibition includes preserved relics of the temple, as well as artifacts found on an archaeological site in the Cathedral square. These are objects of worship made of precious metals XVI-XIX centuries, icons, portraits of the archbishops of Tver XVIII-XIX centuries, the shroud of the Shrine with the relics of Mikhail of Tver, 1873, as well as domestic, religious and secular things, fragments of frescoes, architectural details, unique manuscript gospel book 1417 years — the oldest extant manuscripts, established on the land of Tver.

The appearance of the Transfiguration Cathedral before the destruction captured on presented at the exhibition icons of the XVII-XVIII centuries, engravings and lithographs XVIII-XIX centuries. In addition, the academic painting Tver regional art gallery you can see paintings of the artist Ivan Orlov, “Death to the Horde, Mikhail of Tver” and “Naputstvuya of Prince Mikhail of Tver”, created in the XIX century. Paintings formerly graced the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. The “House of the Holy Saviour” will be open until June 5, 2019.

Also on December 5, Igor Shchegolev and Igor Rudenya took part in the ceremony of cancellation of the stamp “the Holy Nobleborn Prince Michael of Tver (1271-1318)”. “The issue of such brand is not just memorable attribute of the 700th anniversary of the feat Michael of Tver, and a real event-the material evidence of history,” — said Igor Shchegolev. “The 700th anniversary of the feat of the Holy Prince Michael of Tver is an important commemorative date for our region, for the whole of Russia and the entire Orthodox world. Just as seven centuries ago, today his name has United people of all generations with pride for the outstanding history of the Tver land”, — said Igor Rudenya.

The ceremony of stamp cancellation was attended by the Chairman of Legislative Assembly of region Sergey Golubev, Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Savva, the Director of the office of the Federal postal communication of the Tver region and macroregion “Center” Nicholas hussars, representatives of regional public organization “Union of philatelists”.

Post thumbnail of size 65×32,5 mm published with a circulation of 1 million copies. The ceremony was made special postmark and FDC. Publication “themed postal products, dedicated to the heroism of the Holy Prince Michael of Tver, will keep this day in the history of the region and to capture the memory of our great compatriot for many years”, — said Mykola hussars.

In the library. A. M. Gorky took place the plenary meeting of the international scientific conference “the Great Prince Michael of Tver: age, identity, and heritage”. One of the participants was a famous Russian historian, author of numerous studies on the history of medieval Russia, old Russian literature Vladimir Kuchkin.

In cultural institutions, libraries and schools in the region on this day was held the lessons of courage and history, exhibition of children’s drawings, film screenings, concerts — more than 80 events.

Ended the day of memory of Mikhail of Tver solemn event in the drama theatre with the participation of the academic choir im. Pyatnitsky, the male choir of the Novospassky stavropegic monastery, ensemble “Bells of Russia”, honored artist of the Russian Federation of Olga kormukhina and other performers.

According to the materials of the Tver diocese

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