In Udmurtia family died after falling from the roof of the house. What is behind the tragedy – opinions of experts

In the Udmurt Glazov about one of the apartment buildings found the bodies of two women and a child. The press service of the Prosecutor of Udmurtiya has informed that they have fallen from the roof. The dead were a family: nine-year-old girl, her mother and grandmother.

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Law enforcement agencies establish circumstances of their death, informs “Interfax-the Volga region”.

“According to investigators, on 30 November of the current year about 15 hours and 30 minutes near one of apartment houses on the street Pekhtin in Glazov discovered the bodies of three local residents: a 55-year-old pensioner, her 35-year-old daughter and 9-year-old granddaughter. According to preliminary data, their death was caused by a fall from the window of the attic room 12-storey residential building, not far from where they lived,” according to the website of the Department of the TFR in the Republic of Udmurtia.

A criminal case under article “murder juvenile” (paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code) and “incitement to suicide” (article 110 of the criminal code). On the scene left the head of the Department and forensic investigators.

“Among other things, the investigators have to determine the circumstances that caused the incident, including the psychological atmosphere in the family. Currently, investigators have begun inspecting the scene and questioning witnesses, as well as relatives and neighbors of the victims. Sure to be checked as consistent with the requirements of applicable law, the performance of official duties by representatives of social services”, – reported in a press-Department service.

Telegram-channel Mash reports that women had committed suicide. According to them, 35-year-old mother Anna pulled a daughter — a girl of the jump is not wanted. They were followed by the 55-year-old grandmother Elena.

“The apartment was one year old child. The family was considered prosperous. Next to them was a note with the names of the women — apparently to quickly establish the identity”, — stated in the message.

Marina Panfilova, suicidology, candidate of psychological Sciences:

“Suicide is a multifactorial phenomenon. If the decision to part with life takes a whole family, obviously, the initiative comes from adults. To explain what happened in the Udmurt Republic, we can not, if only because it is necessary to understand the situation. If we talk about family suicide theory, he often becomes a consequence of affective reactions. Quite often such solutions are connected with religious beliefs typical of sects: the family goes to “a better world”. However, such cases do not give an idea of a healthy family.

It is possible that the family in the Udmurt Republic are unable to adapt to her conditions. On the background of mental disorders or in the background of grief, for example, associated with the loss of a loved one, people have a desire to resolve their problems.

No one dares to comment on the situation clearly, saying, for example, that the cause of the tragedy is the economic situation, sectarianism, mental disorder or affect. The reasons can be a thousand. It’s like a Rubik’s cube, which is formed in a specific pattern. Again, the essence of family suicide usually comes down to the inability of the family to adapt to certain current social circumstances”.

Vadim Moiseevich the romanche fracture zone area psychiatrist, psychotherapist, suicidology:

“When talking about a family suicide, then it means an extended suicide. As a rule, it is a consequence of social neblagopoluchnomu. To comment on the situation in Udmurtia not only quickly, but also difficult: too many questions. Who was and what was mother? That she was forced to do so? What is that grandma? And that it could force to rush with her granddaughter, then? Do not understand the situation, to comment on anything. Maybe a grandmother and her granddaughter wasn’t jumping for the mother, and slipped when he tried to stop her. How do we know?! It is not excluded that this is all an accident. To understand this should be the result. You see, in life everything happens. Life in General is pretty tough stuff. Economic, psychological, psychiatric problems and even affect may be the cause of such actions.

But we need to understand more advanced suicide is always an exceptional case, a rarity. More importantly – every person who committed suicide, five to eight people injured. It’s relatives, relatives, friends. All those for whom the question “what if?”, “how?” remains unanswered. For them it is a severe stress disorder that can last for the later years and lead them to thoughts or attempts of suicide.”

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